10 amazingly repurposed décor items, perfect for small spaces

Organizing and decorating go hand-in-hand, especially when space is limited. Living tiny conserves money and materials, so why not take it a step further by repurposing items to better organize your tiny home? Let these 10 adorable upcycled ideas inspire you to organize and personalize your space.
1. Baskets, Baskets, and More Baskets
There always seem to be a couple of extra gift baskets lying around. If not, there is a steady supply of them at the local craft store. The best part is they can be stored below furniture, in the unused space between cupboards and the ceiling, or hung from the wall to organize mail and bills. Fill them with herbs or flowers for a compact hanging garden, or create a makeshift linen closet.
2. Ladder to the Stars
Country Living suggests a variety of genius ways to reinvent old ladders. A ladder can be used as a bookshelf or functional pot and pan display hanger. Paint it with your favorite color for a shabby-chic suspended clothes dryer.
3. Get Crafty!
Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes anymore. They pull double-duty as a fantastic organizer for office and art supplies, makeup, and toys. According to Good Housekeeping, the clear organizers eliminate digging for supplies, plus they can be conveniently hung over a door.
4. Shabby Shelving
Make shelving from leather belts and reclaimed wood for a vintage-steampunk look. This sweet idea works for display or storage.
5. Suitcase Fever
Vintage suitcases are superb right-side-up, upside-down, and sideways. Add a rolling wheel base for handy under-surface storage.
6. Work Meets Play
A sleek leather or suede tool belt gives an industrial edge to your cozy space. They can be used as mail catchers, craft or bath product organizers … let your imagination run wild! Simply mount them on the wall for a cute decor item that moonlights as a space-saver.
7. Light it Up
Charming shabby chic light fixtures made from vintage wire whisks, metal colanders, or minnow buckets add a cozy spark to your interior. Hung as chandeliers, they are also the perfect item for living small.
8. A Flight of Stairs
A reclaimed set of stairs fits neatly in a corner to display books, photographs, or mementos. Stairs are often flexible for indoor and outdoor use, and make a quaint surface for plants or small gardens.
9. Quaint Coastal Shutters
Attach colorful door knobs to an upcycled shutter to hang jewelry or towels. Suspend family photos from ribbon or string for an out-of-the-way wall album.
10. Vintage Appliances
Some of the biggest space hogs are appliances. Country Living advises going retro with appliances made for smaller living, like this hot 24” red number from the ‘50s.

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