Tiny home is named Fy Nyth, which means "My nest" in Welsh 

Welcome to the Fy Nyth, a teeny tiny 180-square-feet mountain tiny house on wheels. It may sounds super small, but maybe you measure something not by its size, but by how much it is valued. 
There are caribou, moose, Dahl sheep, bison, eagles and grizzly bears within a two-hour radius of this beautiful tiny house in Wyoming -- and most of them probably much closer than that. Needless to say, the scenery dwarfs the tiny domicile that is the owner's pride and joy. Aptly, she named it Fy Nyth, which is Welsh for "my nest."
The home is an absolute charmer, able to fit an amazing amount in a tight space. But it is perspective that wins the day here. The woman who owns the home, who introduces herself as Ariel on her Web site, takes stunning photos of her surroundings -- both inside and outside her house -- and it is irresistible to include at least one shot of the great outdoors in all of its stunning glory, which happens to be right outside her front door.
But the home is all the more delightful for its surroundings. It includes one of the world's tiniest bathrooms, but a generous amount of space elsewhere. There's a dining room table Ariel calls "transformable," that is both handsome and practical, and a kitchen that looks like it could probably serve 20 guests in pinch.
How big is this house? Here's one way to answer that question.
But maybe you measure something not by its size, but by how much it is valued. In this case, as the owner proudly spreads her arms, the house looks much, much bigger.
This is a cozy, all-purpose room with the kitchen in the background.
Here's a reverse look at the downstairs.  The window seating and the blue curtains give the home plenty of character, as does the shelves that line each wall - books on the left, knickknacks on the right.  
The spare loft is large enough for that handsome chest and is a terrific spot for that houseplant.
Here's a great view of the kitchen, which includes a four-burner stove, half-sized refrigerator, plenty of shelves and a fully-stocked knife rack. You can barely see the many shelves full of jars on the left. You also get an angled look at the white pantry door, also on the left.
Now take a look at the kitchen with drawers and doors flung open. This is a home, where the owner decided her priorities include eating well.
Here's the table that transforms -- a desk with six drawers or a dining table with three. Notice, too, the steep angle to the stairs, which also serves as room for storage bins.
And the one of the smallest bathrooms anywhere!
The bedroom is extremely cozy. But take a close look at the slope of the bedroom ceiling and then compare that to the slope of the ceiling in the picture of the loft with the handsome chest and the house plant. Now go back to the very first photo and notice there's a dormer in the back end of the home, which makes the home much cuter, but also allows for this bedroom to have plenty of room on each side. 
The owner would say that the following shot is the reason she is living in a tiny house in the middle of the wild west.
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