3 charming tiny home floor plans you won't be able to resist

Everyone reaches that point in life where it's time to consider what home best complements one's lifestyle. If you prefer large, immaculate spaces with ample amenities and room to store your possessions, then perhaps a tiny home is not the place for you. However, if the idea of a mortgage-free lifestyle and the freedom to create, roam, and be without burden appeals to you, then a small abode may be just the place for you. 
The ever-expanding world of tiny homes has made it clear that what was once considered a phenomenon is actually a way of life that is here to stay. More and more people from around the world are taking up occupancy in the modest abodes, attracted by their charm, simplicity, and budget-friendly qualities. 
As tiny-home lovers ourselves, we love showing off the beauty of these small structures. Below, are three tiny homes accompanied by stunning floor plans that just might give you the itch to go little, or go home. 
1. Enesti featured on Houseplans
This humble cottage sits at 746 sq. ft. in the 2-bedroom option, and 843 sq. ft. in the 3-bedroom option, as listed on Houseplans. 
As evidenced in the floor plans below, Enesti is a cottage that's a little more spacious than your average-sized tiny home. According to Houseplans, the kitchen comes with all of the standard amenities of a regular-sized house and the great room even features a small fireplace to cozy up to. 
2. Home by Texas Tiny House featured on Blogspot 
This cabin-like abode is perfect for those looking to add a bit of rustic charm to complement their lifestyle. 
The floor plan of this outdoorsy house can be seen below. One of the most attractive features of this home is the elongated patio in the back of the house, which is built with a screened portion and an open portion. 
3. Edgemoor Cottage by Ross Chapin 
The Edgemoor Cottage is about as darling as it gets when it comes to a smaller home. Designed by architect Ross Chapin, the cottage stretches to 1,292 sq. ft., making it the perfect homestead for a small family or couple who enjoys their space. 
The cottage offers luxurious living for those who aren't too keen on going grand, it's humble with room to be leisurely. Contrary to what the exterior suggests, Edgemoor Cottage features two bedrooms, a study, loft, and a covered porch in addition to much more. 
Tell us which of these three floor plans is your favorite in the comments! 
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