17 great decoration ideas that will make any space in a tiny home feel so much bigger

Tricking the eye plays a major role in decorating. If you want to make a room look bigger, the ceilings higher or the windows larger the way you decorate can change everything. From mirrors to playing with the color of the walls, ceilings, and accents, there are many ways to make any room feel airier and more spacious. The best apart? These tricks work perfectly for tiny houses, but also for small ones or even regular-size ones
Let's take a look at this compilation of ideas. 
1. Mirrors make any space feel much bigger. 
2. Or make one yourself! Adding small decoration accents to a white wall gives the room the appearance of a museum or an art gallery. 
3. A closet with mirrors on the doors also makes any bedroom feel much more spacious. 
4. Combine colors and create the illusion of a higher ceiling. 
5. Give the illusion of larger windows by hanging the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. 
Live Love Decorate shows you how to do it. 
6. According to Kylie M. Interiors, using color as a link draws the eye to it as it looks around the room. Notice the color triangle created by the red tomatoes on the right, the stove knobs on the left and the stools at the end of this galley style kitchen? That's what makes it look much wider and bigger than it really is. 
7. Minimalism has always been one of the best friends of small spaces. The less crowded the room is, the bigger it looks. 
8. Silver mirrored tiles for small bathrooms. Thanks to this super bright wall, this tiny bathroom looks good even without windows. 
9. Decorating with less explains how big pieces of art make any small room appear much bigger since it "defines the space and distracts you from the small scale of the room." 
10. Using furniture with glass surfaces also makes a room look airier. 
11. You can also get rid completely of window treatments. According to The Every Day Girl, this idea tricks the eye into thinking that the room is much deeper than it really is. 
12. Better Homes and Gardens shows how using a very similar color palette to create a kitchen scheme makes all the surface appear much bigger.
Here's an example of the same trick in a tiny home kitchen. 
13. Using shades tricks the eye into thinking that the windows are larger than they really are. 
14. An oversized mirror adds depth to the smallest living room. 
15. The mirror trick also works in the kitchen!
16. Adding an accent wall in a different color helps to separate areas in a room (tiny, small or big!) and creates the illusion of a bigger space. 
17. Combining white walls with dark wood floor creates a contrast that makes any space, no matter how tiny, look deeper. 
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