Welcome to the Nomadic Roots tiny house

Believe it or not, years ago there was no such thing as a Lowe's or a Home Depot. Home builders had to either make their own furnishings by hand or scavenge for them in the woods. It's this 'return to roots' that many people are looking for when they decide to live in a tiny home off-grid in modern times.
The Nomadic Roots home definitely follows these principles. This "Earthship-inspired cabin" was built in Santa Cruz, Ca for $10,000, hand-built by Taylor Bode and Steph Anton using largely reclaimed wood, windows, and doors. Literally digging up building materials may not sound ideal for everybody, but it puts a story behind every single inch of the 560-square-feet home.
Recently, Steph and Taylor have created a photo book on their building process and are trying to raise funds to self-publish "Nomadic Roots" on Kickstarter.
The house essentially uses geothermal properties as it is built into a south sloping hillside in California. The increased thermal mass properties mean no need for an air-conditioner or even an external heat source. 
The space inside this Earthship home almost emulates a high-rise apartment except with mountains, foliage, and hillsides in the background instead of a city skyline.
Nomadic Roots provides a comfortable atmosphere on both the interior and exterior.
Who knows how they came across these cabinets or the range but there's likely a story behind it. Rule #1 of living off the land – be resourceful and creative.
Amazingly enough, this Earthship home features many different styles, but all of which blend together in a pretty cohesive and organized manner. 
It makes you wonder if they couldn't have gotten by going smaller than 560-square-feet since the plan is so open. Sometimes, though, floor space is a feature within itself. 

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 It may be a "house casserole" of building items and features, but oddly enough when combined together everything looks like it belongs exactly where it is. 
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