17 stunning tiny home decoration ideas. #7 is especially gorgeous

It doesn't matter if you live in a tiny house. A good decoration is a great part of the personality of a house, and it also reflects the personality of its owner. Given the reduced space of tiny houses, it may appear that not all the decoration styles can fit in your small abode. However, these 17 tiny homes prove that style fits everywhere. Here you'll find a variety of possibilities, from rustic-chic to vintage or modern, in different types of tiny homes, from cottages to tiny beach houses, farmhouses or tiny homes on wheels. 
Let's take a look: 
1. Elegant and rustic look by Veranda
The traditional style furniture chosen by designer Tammy Connor turns this small cabin into a beautiful and elegant woodland retreat. 
2. Remodeled vintage tiny house, see on HGTV
Chip and Joanna Gaines restored a 700-square-foot vintage tiny home, mixing vintage and modern touches to perfection. 
3. Modern and rustic combination, seen on HerRealtors
The brick wall vibrantly contrasts with the ceiling wooden beams in this ample kitchen. 
4. Stylish remodeled tiny farmhouse cottage, byLisa Busacca Furey, from Barefoot Interiors
Designer Lisa Busacca Furey turned a tiny farmhouse into a style dream. The clean look added by the predominant white combines perfectly with the touches of color and the geometric patterns. 
5. Clean and elegant look, by The Cottage Company
The incredibly high ceilings in this small cottage and the skylights fill this gorgeous space with natural light. Notice the rustic accent added by the woven baskets, the cow skin rug and the wall decoration. 
6. Rustic in white, by Timbercraft Tiny Homes
The white color chosen for these kitchen cabinets (that also provide tons of storage space!) make this tiny house on wheels appear much bigger than it is. 
7. 1940's tiny beach cabin, seen on Country Living

8. Let's go back in time with this beautiful kitchen seen on Glam Shelf
If vintage is your favorite style, you can't go wrong with a kitchen like this one. 
9. Clean and modern design by Escape Vista
Escape Vista designs a stunning traveler with tons of storage space. 
10. The Rustic Modern Tiny House on AirBnB
The Rustic Modern Tiny House honors its name with a beautiful design combining both rustic and modern elements to perfection.
11. Clean lines and carefully chosen materials, shared on Remodelaholic
Pudel Design shared this remodel of a tiny kitchen, with a beautiful faux-brick paper backsplash.
12. Rustic and industrial design combination by Wishbone Tiny Homes
The combination of several colors wood beams on the stairs, built-ins, walls and floors gives this tiny house a very industrial, yet rustic look. 
13. Rustic and vintage combination by Esket Tiny House
The combination of the predominantly white color with the colorful touches added by carefully chosen décor items gives this house a very vintage look. 
14. Rustic and vintage bathroom by Shades of Blue Interiors
This gorgeous white bathroom is spiced up by vintage-looking pieces of furniture. 
15. Rustic look by Incredible Tiny Homes
The dark wood of this kitchen turns it into a rustic, yet elegant dream. 
16. Farmhouse style for a tiny kitchen shared on Tiny House Swoon.
Kevin Copeland shared the design of his rustic, farmhouse looking tiny home. 
17. Bohemian teeny tiny house, shared on Stuff.co.nz
Lily Duvall shared the images of her bohemian, homely tiny abode. 
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