Check out the beautiful woodwork inside this tiny home

If you ever find yourself describing a home in a manner that sounds like you are answering a riddle, then you might just be describing a tiny house. You may even be describing this very tiny Canadian-built gem that was built for a family of four, even though its total floor space, including the sleeping loft, is just a jaw-dropping 215 square feet.
The actual footprint of this angular box is 20' by 8'6'', making it possible to set this baby down on a piece of property that measures a teensy-weensy 170 square feet or 24,480 square inches. That is the equivalent, if you are heading for the local lumber mill, of a little more than five average sheets of plywood lying side by side. That means this home allows for an incredible one and a quarter sheets of plywood per person in terms of private space if you are trying to conceptualize what it might be like to live here.
And yet one if this home's primary bragging points is that the interior is designed so that there are several isolated or nearly-isolated living spaces, making it possible for the four residents to all spend some time by themselves in separate areas of the home, each of them doing their own thing.
From the outside, this home -- called Leaf House, Version 2, made by Leaf House Small Space Design & Build of Whitehorse, Canada -- could hardly look simpler.  At a glance, it looks like the type of box a teacher would award with a C plus if you made it as a high school shop project.
Another view reveals that it might actually be given a higher grade. Maybe a B plus.
But the interior shots begin to show that this is a snazzy, sleek, comfortable home. 
White walls, modern fixtures, an arched ceiling, lots of sunlight and a large mirror all allow the eye to believe the space is much bigger than it is.
Beautiful woodwork gives the home a stylish look.
This efficiency kitchen includes a breakfast table and seating for two. Now that's how to make use of a trim amount of space!
This photo, labeled "Yukon River," reveals the origin of this beautiful home, which was made by Laird Herbert, who hales from the town of Whitehorse in Yukon Territory, Canada. 
Among the Leaf House company's bragging points, are a dedication to using "reclaimed" materials whenever possible in constructing a home that is "tailored to the extreme winter environments of the north," according to the company's Web site. Wherever possible "non-toxic and chemically sensitive finishes and glues" are used, says the company that obviously believes you can live in the wild and woolly northern territory without sacrificing on a sense of style.
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Take a peek inside.
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