37 tiny homes were taken from their owners. Controversy causes city to take this action

37 tiny homes that were seized by Los Angeles city officials are being released back to the homeowners over the next two weeks. According to the LA Times, a protest at City Hall drew the attention of many bloggers and supporters. The added attention has pushed the city to make a decision about what to do with the structures it had seized. Also, LAIST points out that the news of releasing the homes came after a federal ruling that said "the city cannot simply seize and destroy a homeless person's property."
The seized tiny homes were built by Elvis Summers who, according to NPR, was inspired to do something for the homeless because of a friendship with a homeless person. He raised $100,000 through a GoFundMe page and built a number of buildings to distribute throughout Los Angeles to help get the homeless off the street. Each home is 48 square feet and has solar power and a camping toilet.
The homes began appearing around the city, placed on highway overpasses. Summer told the LA Times that the homes were not meant to be permanent solutions for the homeless, but "just a bridge between the gutter and permanent housing." According to Curbed, in February 2016, the city started seizing the structures due to a city municipal code change that allows city officials to seize large objects immediately stating that the homes were a "health and safety hazard."
To keep the tiny homes which have not been given out yet from being seized, Summers is storing them in a parking lot in Compton. Summers has proposed the idea of a tiny home village for the homeless, but the city has said no to the idea. The returned homes will be placed in storage with the surplus homes until a permanent solution for placement can be found. Until then, the homeless have gone back to living on the streets and in tents. 
Resources LA Times and laist.com

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