17 super clever storage ideas for your tiny home, especially #14

If you're thinking about downsizing to a tiny home, there's probably something you cannot take out of your mind: What do I do with all my stuff and where do I store it? Even if getting rid of whatever you don't really need is an essential part of the tiny home movement, you always need at least a little bit of space to store your belongings, even if they're just a few! 
It is precisely when it comes to storage ideas when the brilliance of the tiny home builders and designers really shows. From the ubiquitous but always smart stairs storage to super clever kitchen and bedroom solutions, these 14 tiny home space-saving and storage ideas will wow and inspire you.  
1. Storage and stairs combination

2. Storage behind toilet in bathroom 
3. Storage and bench combination
RadHaus shows a perfect combination of style and a smart use of space. The combination of stairs, shelves, storage and benches not only makes this tiny home absolutely unique but also allows their owners to enjoy their tiny living to the fullest. 
4. Multiple shelving in the kitchen. 
Often times, tiny living equals a tiny, tiny kitchen, so clever solutions like this one by Kitchen Installations are always handy for tiny living fans. 
5. Storage under the bed and stairs (and a little surprise!).
A young couple shares their tiny living experience in their blog Wandering on Wheels, where they show how's it possible to live large in such a tiny space. Their mobile tiny home showcases an amazing use of space, with storage and drawers under the bed and even a tiny pet cave under the stairs. 
6. Food storage hacks. 
One of the first rules of tiny living is getting rid of anything we don't really need. Who needs food boxes and bags when it's much easier and efficient to store them in mason jars? HGTV shares this clever idea to save space and have the cutest kitchen at the same time. 
7. Stair drawers and secret hatch. 
Brevard Tiny House's model Home Run is one of the smartest regarding the use of space we've seen. Each step on the stairs, that also host a water heater underneath, is a drawer. In case that wasn't enough storage space, they've also built floor storage accessible through two "secret" hatches. 
8. Storage multi options in the kitchen.
The Hammer and Nail's proposal is the epitome of space saving. In a very small amount of room, we see not only a lot of drawers but also tons of hidden shelves. 
9. Foldable multi-use table. 
We found this adorable foldable table on Pinterest and were instantly impressed by its versatility. If folded, it takes almost no space, and once you open it, it can be a perfect work desk or small dining table, not to mention the storage space that it hosts underneath. 
10. Closet and drawers stairs. 
Summer Land Cottage Studio' storage stairs are just plain lovely with its different sizes, shapes and colored knobs. However its functionality is still the same, offering a lot of room to keep all sort of objects necessary for your tiny living. 
11. Vertical kitchen storage. 
Hidden drawers and hatches aren't everything when it comes to the best use of space. Alison, Liz & Nicole demonstrated so in Apartment Therapy with their clever and stylish vertical storage space for the kitchen. 
12. Rustic Stairs storage. 
Tiny House Chattanooga turns stairs' storage into the most shabby chic décor thanks to the dark wood contrasting with the white paint of the drawers. 
13. Multiple drawers in the kitchen. 
The Olive tiny house in Pasadena, CA exemplifies to perfection what it means to take advantage of every single inch of space in your kitchen. With a super clever drawer and counter design, FYI Television Network shows how this tiny kitchen is able to store as much as a regular size one. 
14. How to store your books and movies in a tiny space. 
Seen on Book Riot, this storage hack is perfect for books, movies, and music lovers. The clever shelf over the bed hosts a lot of space for DVD's or books without giving the space a cluttered feeling. At the same time, the huge drawer under the bed is able to host hundreds of movies as well. 
15. Combination of stairs and super spacious drawers. 
TumbleWeed Houses deserve their reputation as one of the best tiny home builders. The smart storage stairs in the picture above belong to their Cypress Model. 
16. A bed under the kitchen. 
Tiny House Listings shared this 150-square-feet home with a very clever space-saving idea. The bed/couch hides underneath the kitchen space, thus allowing the owners to have their bedroom on the main floor and saving them having to climb any stairs to the loft. 
17. Infinite amount of drawers in the kitchen. 
Jerry & Rene Larson proudly shared their incredibly smart tiny abode with Tiny House Talk. Besides the extra storage space offered by the multiple kitchen drawers, their house is full of gadgets and hidden spots perfect to store all their stuff without having a cluttered tiny room. 
Whichever tiny home style you may prefer, all these ideas would fit to perfection in it, don't you agree? If so, please, don't forget to SHARE them with all your friends so they can feel inspired too!
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