Beautiful tiny home with a simple, yet precious design and layout 

The Music City Tiny House features one of the most original exterior layouts on the market. With the words 'music city' predominantly displayed on the outside of the house the owners pay tribute to their Tennessee community. Those who want a more traditional look will be more than fulfilled with the interior. 

It can be tough to pull off a predominantly white interior within a small space but the Music City Tiny House pulls it off with the perfect amount of contrast, specifically with the wood floors. The use of white also reflects the natural light, making the interior seem much more spacious than it actually probably is. 
 The Music City Tiny House features a living room, bathroom, bedrooms, and a kitchen all with adequate space and no cramping on a moveable trailer. 
A look towards the entry shows the exquisite simplicity of this Music City Tiny House design. A loft, a bathroom, a foyer, and a living area are all intertwined in a separate yet fluid manner. 
A look in the other direction towards the kitchen offers a glimpse of the upstairs loft as well as the unique, full-wall shelving that is both functional and decorative.
The kitchen has three great factors going for it – white, bright, and wide.
These stationary steps to the upstairs loft invoke the tiny house mantra of underneath storage but have found a way to incorporate room for the refrigerator as well.
The indoor living space just has a nice overall flow to it.
Perhaps the only negative apsect of the Music City Tiny Home is the cramped lofts that could lead to some headaches when startled by an alarm in the morning.
When you have as much space throughout the home as the Music City Tiny House does, an obvious area of sacrifice is going to be the bathroom. Still it retains a cozy functionality nonetheless. 

Can you imagine staying here?
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