Couple builds tiny home in 40 days

Pascal and Catherine of Kamouraska, Canada, built a tiny home in just 40 days. According to the YouTube video "Exploring Alternatives," the couple owns a tiny home construction company called "Ma Maison Logique." This tiny home is their first completed project, and they are currently living in it as a second home.
Maison Logique's site reveals that Pascal is the technical expert behind the tiny homes. He is also the owner of a construction company. His wife, Catherine, acts as the interior designer. Both form and function has been taken into account in the design of this home. The multiple peaks are appealing to the eye but also give more headspace inside for the bedroom loft.
The "great room" has plenty of light from the French doors and the windows. The corner seats not only act as a sitting area for relaxing, but they also become the seats around the table for eating.
A drop-down table blends into the wall so that it isn't an eyesore during the day but is easy to access when needed.
As the table drops down, the supporting leg automatically drops as well and locks into place, making setting up the table one fluid movement.
The table easily seats two people at the bench, and more can be added with extra chairs. The windows and white paint keep the interior bright so that a lot of extra lighting is not necessary.
Between the end of the bench and the door is the closet for the home.
For times when a guest comes over, simply pull out the extension to the couch and lay the extra cushions down to make a sleeping area.
Pascal and Catherine included a full-sized kitchen in the tiny home. Butcher block countertops, a full-sized sink, 2-burner stove and small refrigerator make up the kitchen. They included lots of cupboards and drawers, too.
To heat the tiny space, the couple installed a wood burning stove.
Between the stove, triple pane windows and insulation, the home will stay warm in Canadian winters.
The loft sits above the kitchen and bathroom area and is accessed via a ladder.
To give extra headspace in the bedroom area, Pascal states that the couple chose to install dormers.
Wood paneling in the bathroom keeps the tiny space warm in appearance. A stand-up shower is placed in the room.
Built into the shower is a shampoo and soap holder and a spot for razors. A composting toilet keeps the "green" going in this tiny home.
Pascal and Catherine have proven that a quality tiny home can be built in a short period of time. Viewers of "Exploring Alternatives" seem to agree, with the YouTube video getting over 600,000 hits since being posted in November 2015. According to the host of the show, " This is the prettiest tiny house we’ve visited so far." This tiny house just goes to show that beautiful things can come in tiny packages.