Charming small cottage has a gorgeous kitchen layout that's too good to be true

Janet Korff knows how to make a home.
In an interview with Country Living Magazine, Korff said, "It took us six weeks of working around the clock. But when we moved in, it felt so good to have done every bit of it, save some electrical work, ourselves." 
This cottage, located in Redlands, California, may be on the larger side of tiny at 970-square-feet (A tiny home is anything less than 1,000-square-feet), but it's every bit handcrafted with love. There's many distinct features (pictured below) that are beautifully done, especially the layout of the kitchen.  
Let's take a tour inside. 
First stop is the porch -- While a bit narrow, the porch does feature seating for two. Details such as the china on the wall to the planters to the vintage rug add warmth to this area. In addition, the stripes below make this small porch feel larger. 
The round reflective mirrors and glass accents accentuate the bright, airy dining room. Bronze details throughout contrast nicely against the white chairs. 
Now here's the kitchen with that gorgeous chandelier. There's also a nook for reading, afternoon tea, or a quick bite.
On the other side is the sink and plenty of cabinet space to show off all your beautiful kitchenware. The same style rug from the porch now also is in the kitchen. Can you imagine yourself here? 
Now for the best part! This amazing pantry -- a luxury feature in most homes this size, but this just proves how efficient and smart Korff is with her space. 
One of the smaller rooms in this home is used as a study. A very dramatic navy color was used on the walls to make the room appear larger. 
The master bedroom is also bright and airy. How dreamy that bed looks! 
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