Tiny home stays 'big' in new ways

Michael and Beth of Austin, Texas, created a tiny house that makes tiny seem big. Many people think that tiny homes are only built on wheels and are designed to be moved from place to place. This charming, tiny home breaks that mode and is built to stay in one place. Having an unmovable, tiny home comes with definite advantages. You can custom build the shape, make it a little larger and even add a charming front porch for relaxing and sipping a cup of coffee in the morning.
Fyi, Tiny House Hunting's site reports that it is a real estate company dedicated to helping tiny home buyers find the property that is perfect for them; it also puts out a TV series. The sellers work throughout the United States seeking out tiny homes to match with the ideal buyers. Michael and Beth were featured on season two of Tiny House Hunting, and the result is the marriage of the couple to the tiny home below.
In the YouTube blurb released by fyi, Michael reveals some of the couple's thoughts behind their home design. Choosing to go with 336 square feet in their tiny home, Michael and Beth have a "modern studio" for their house. 
Their kitchen has an electric stove, a stainless steel sink and a full-sized refrigerator.
Directly across from the kitchen is the "great room." Because the design is more of a square, the couple can squeeze a tiny office into their space. A gorgeous hutch acts as a break between the living room and the bedroom, giving them a little more privacy.
Michael points out that they decided to go all out in the bathroom.  They have a full-sized bathtub which Michael states "was a key issue for me," a flush toilet and a sink with a vanity. They even fully tiled the bathroom. 
The bedroom is tucked away behind the hutch. 
The couple went with a nice front porch and had it covered so that they can go outside and sit even if a storm is blowing through. 
The couple shares how they decided to go tiny because they love to travel. The smaller home gives them the freedom to pick up and travel when they want and to be gone for as long as they want. They aren't as financially strapped. 
Is tiny here to stay? According to Michael, "I think tiny is going to be more of the norm and less of the trend because people want to do more with their lives. They don't want to be burdened with their belongings, so, you know, going tiny, you can free yourself up to live the way you want to live." Tiny may not be for everyone, but this couple is living large in their tiny space.
Resources FYI via YouTube

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