Take a tour of NBA player Matt Bonner's family adorable tiny home

Matt Bonner, the center-forward for the San Antonio Spurs, has decided to take a turn at living tiny. The Concord Monitor reports that the TV show "Tiny House Nation" provided Mr. Bonner with a 276-square-foot tiny house in what the Monitor theorizes is a move to show that tall people can live tiny, too.
Mr. Bonner is 6 feet 10 inches tall and is joined in the tiny home by his wife, Nadie, and two children. Although he may have a tiny home, the Monitor states that Mr. Bonner still owns a home in San Antonio, Texas, and one outside of Meredith. Does Mr. Bonner intend to stay permanently in the tiny house? “We’ll see what happens,” Mr. Bonner said. “We’re not sure.”
The Big Lead states that the interior and exterior of the home really reflect Mrs. Bonner, but the size of everything was built around Mr. Bonner.
The loft in Mr. Bonner's home is the kids' bedroom. The Big Lead points out the challenges in building a tiny home large enough for someone Mr. Bonner's size. The standard ceiling height under the loft was 6 feet 4 inches. That height would not work for the Spurs basketball player.
The bathroom has a rustic elegance with a vessel basin and wood paneling. Rather than a composting toilet, the Bonners have a flush toilet in their tiny home. In order to accommodate Mr. Bonner's height, the doors in the home are seven feet, one and one-half inches in height.
The master bedroom is a restful retreat. To address Mr. Bonner's height, The Big Lead reports that the builders created a special footboard that flips up and makes an extension for the bed.
The kids' loft was arranged in such a way that the two children would be able to sleep and have a sitting area. The Concord Monitor states that the two kids have figured out that when they are in the loft, their dad can't get up there to get them.

Mr. Bonner's tiny home has some extra features that are geared strictly for him. An outside basketball hoop can be hidden in a cabinet and set low for the kids or raised to regulation NBA heights. A porch that slides under the house is also another unique feature of this tiny house. For those who think that going tiny means going without, they need to take a look at this tiny house. This abode is proof that anyone can go tiny with a little bit of ingenuity.

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