See how couple downsized to 200-square-feet. Their ground-level bedroom is beyond smart

After the success he'd had in ABC's Extreme Makeover House Edition, Worcester, MA contractor Charbel Najem, from Capstone General Contracting, Inc., was asked to build a tiny house that would be featured in FIY Network show "Tiny House Nation." Najem told the Telegram that it was the first tiny house he'd ever built, but that they "love a challenge."
And the challenge totally paid off. The lucky owners, Liam and Lauren Hailey, had already been flirting with tiny living. They were living in a 500-square-foot cottage, but Lauren seemed to believe that that wasn't downsizing enough. "She got locked into the idea of tiny houses, and for the last six years I’ve been hearing about them, watching shows about them on television, and last summer she said ‘let’s build a tiny house'," Liam recalled on the Telegram. They bought a 10-by-20-foot trailer and sent it to Capstone General Contracting, where it got turned into the Hailey's perfect tiny abode. 
"This is a high-end custom home in 200 square feet, with all the amenities of a full-sized home," Najem said to the Telegram. "But we had to be involved from the design stage, since everything had to be compact and functional."
Capstone General Contracting also made sure that the materials they used were strong enough for the tiny home to be able to travel at highway speeds. “Because it’s going to travel down the road at 70 miles per hour, we had to use stronger materials for the siding and trim, and the roof shingles are rated for 125 miles per hour,” Najem explained. 
Featuring a full bathroom and kitchen, the space of this house has been very well planned and designed.  
This is the view of the multipurpose room, the loft storage (accessible by the ladder you can see on the right), and the bathroom. The beautiful nautical touches can be seen all over the house, from that lovely blue hue of the walls to the golden letters spelling "SEA" on the rustic shelf. 
In order to avoid having to climb ladders or steps to get to bed, Najem had a great idea for the bedroom area. He elevated the multipurpose room and hid the bed below it. This way, the pull-out bed doesn't occupy any living space when it's not being used and it can stay on the main level. The Haileys just need to take it out of its 'cave' when it's time to go to sleep.
As you can see in the photo, the bed also features storage space underneath, so they can keep extra blankets or clothing.
The complete bathroom is surprisingly big for a 200-square-foot home and features a very spacious shower, a sink, and a toilet. 
Don't you almost feel a sea breeze on your face just by looking at this beautiful kitchen? Notice the beautiful whale art above the shelves or the lighthouse carving by the living room couch and the tiny helm they've hung over it. Even that adorable cat bridge has a nautical feeling! According to a comment on the FYI Tiny House Nation photos, all the decoration items had been bought at the Crompton Collective, also to support local businesses. 
The kitchen comes complete with a full-size refrigerator, a 4-burners cooktop with oven, and a combination of washer and dryer. 
With all these amenities, there's no wonder why Mr. Hailey easily adapted to the tiny living. “It took some adjusting to living small, but now that we are used to it, I would never second-guess the decision again,” Mr. Hailey told The Telegram. “It was easier than I expected.”

We can't show you the whole house just yet, but tonight's #TinyHouseNation build is nice and nautical! You're definitely gonna love this design!

Posted by Tiny House Nation on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
As you can see in the photo above, the Haileys wanted to remain loyal to their beloved nautical theme, so they asked Najem to install a lighthouse with a working beacon on the façade that encloses and hide the on-demand water heater. 
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