Welcome to the 'Ravenlore,' a tiny Victorian Dream by Tiny Green Cabins

It can be offensive to call a tiny house a “tree house”, or a “doll house”, or sometimes even a “cabin”. The Victorian from Tiny Green Cabin pulls off all three descriptions and doesn't care what you think. The house has an awesome exterior that is fun and unique which serves as a segway to an exterior that is surprisingly laid back.
If anything, the Victorian keeps you guessing. This colorful tiny home for owner Nicki Jo Davis is memorable even if you go look at 50 other homes of all sizes. It serves up intrigue as to just what is lurking behind that laser bright exterior.
Therein lies the sheer art in Tiny Green Cabins' design. The interior of the Victorian home is master-crafted with wood floors, walls, and cabinets topped of with stone countertops. Is this particular design the mullet of tiny homes – party in the exterior and business in the interior? The home gives off such a cool, one-of-a-kind vibe that you can almost smell the crisp interior through the pictures.
Features flow nicely throughout this tiny home. There is ample room for chairs and space for relaxing in the entry way. The kitchen provides aesthetic value and the countertops are a focal point within themselves. The stairs to the loft are noticeable but not obtrusive. Also, notice the alternating stair tread that is used to safely climb while lifting your feet through the opening but with the most efficient use of space.
The countertops provide the perfect contrast to prevent this design from becoming too 'woodsy'.
Not only do the three windows and the open front provide light to the loft, so does the reflective, soft natural wood tones of the wall and ceiling.
An under-counter washer/dryer combo makes this space the most multi-functional in the home.
Although not the largest area dedicated for a bathroom, features do flow smoothly to one another throughout this commode.
Looking back towards the front of the room shows a unique area for a fold-down desk as well as a walk-in closet / wardrobe changing area.

The family of this home's designer has build more than 100 homes in Oregon, Washington and Arizona, and those homes have been generating attention.
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