Welcome to the cozy Tiny Life Construction's Lindley, a tiny house on wheels

Not every tiny home manages to combine functionality with a coziness that truly makes the tiny abode feel like a home, but designers and builders Taylor Williams and Mike Blalock of Tiny Life Construction have managed to just that with their Lindley home.  According to Facebook, Tiny Life Construction is headquartered in Greensboro, N.C. In an interview done with Tiny House Talk, Blalock and Williams reveal that freedom is what inspired them to get into the tiny home market, freedom to travel, be free from debt, enjoy life, etc.
That same concept affects their designs. The Lindley model incorporates freedom from the staid, rectangular designs of most tiny homes. Williams and Blalock have gotten creative, or "free," with their inside design and attention to detail as well. Notice the nuances as you tour this tiny home.
The outside of the Lindley is sided with natural cypress and has a small front porch. A variety of angles and peaks are included to give aesthetic appeal, just as a larger home would have.
The living room, as the floor plan included in the Tiny House Talk's article calls it, includes a small table for eating and a futon for guests to sleep on. A fridge over freezer is also tucked at one end of the living room.
Across from the kitchen, the bathroom is tucked away, out of sight.
White oak flooring runs throughout the tiny home, and the kitchen has an oak countertop, a gas range and a stainless steel sink.
Since the bathroom is tucked in right across from the kitchen, Blalock and Williams decided to hide it behind a sliding barn door instead of the standard curtain.
Rather than a composting toilet, the Lindley sports a flush toilet.
The bathroom also has the shower right there.
The living room has a cozy feel to it and is decorated in a shabby chic style. The glass in the front door and the numerous window in the home provide plenty of natural lighting so that the house feels bright and open.
A little hutch is secreted in the area next to the front door.
The loft is the bedroom and is accessed by a wooden ladder. Putting the extra wall space to use in the kitchen, Williams and Blalock have installed shelves for storing all the extra necessities and bric-a-brac.
Since window space is limited in the loft, two lights are placed at the head of the bed for reading.
The Lindley is 113.3 square feet of ingenuity. Blalock said in Tiny House Talk, "Our goal is to exceed your expectations in quality, efficiency and design while maintaining a competitive price, " and at $47,999, he has managed to do just that. Tiny Life Construction's creative use of color and lighting as turned out a truly delightful and inspired tiny home.

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