Take a tour of the Morrisons' lovely tiny abode

The only roadblock in attaining the tiny house of your dreams is creativity. It's also important to note that not all tiny homes have to be Victorian, contemporary, or rustic looking. In the case of Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, a tiny house on wheels out in the middle of the forest can be as modern, sleek, and stylish as a high rise in the city.
It was that exact type of lifestyle, or at least payments, that the couple wanted to avoid when they set out to build their tiny home. Four months and $33,000 later they had constructed a home that would suit their needs while making them relatively financially independent. They 'broke the mold' so to speak creating one of the most modern looking interiors yet to be unveiled in the world of tiny homes.
Looking down on the entry way from the main loft you'll instantly get a feel of the home's sleek design. From the dark tones to the combination of rectangular shapes in both the windows and the walls this tiny home gives off a high-tech vibe. It almost serves as the perfect mesh of getting off the grid...but not that far off the grid.
The designers did a good job of hiding their storage. In this case painting all the shelves and doors black and foregoing obtrusive handles and knobs. The result is basically a storage wall, that really looks like a wall. This helps separate, yet blend together areas like the bench which and the eating / computer desk. The long, thin window atop the shelving is an underrated feature that lightens up the room but also defines its personality.
One thing about building your own tiny house is that you do it for you. In the case of the Morrison's they like to spend time in the kitchen so they created a full-size area where, as Andrew put it, “he can do Donna Summer moves if he wanted.” By full-size kitchen it means not only physical space, but also the capabilities such as a full stove, full fridge, and plenty of countertop prep space.
Like any good tiny house design the stairs, a necessary feature often, also serve as storage. Something unique with this setup though is that the area where the coats are hanging is actually plumbed, wired, and set up for a washer/dryer combo. Also, notice the very top step which seems to be missing a riser. This was designed this way for easy access into and out of the loft without having to crouch.
The shed roof design of the exterior allows for sitting up and kneeling room on one side as it slopes down thinner on the other. This loft is very well-lit even without the popular sky light.
Directly across from the main loft is the secondary loft / relaxation area with ladder access. The couple flooded the space with pillows to create an area to read, watch TV, or strum away on the guitar in a spot which looks extremely comfy and perhaps the only area of the house they can take a break away from their dog Oscar.
One benefit of parking out in the solitude of the woods like the Morrison's have done is that you can let natural light flow through your window in the morning. The bathroom as a whole is pretty open and the self-contained compost toilet sits a little higher in the air, but performs the job just the same.
One tip the couple did offer is that if you're going to live in a tiny home, make sure your pets are accordingly sized. The Morrison's have dogsat a couple 80-pounders and they say it gets a little cramped – and that makes Oscar grouchy.

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