Take a look at TumbleWeed's Mica tiny house

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has four different models of recreational vehicles, all of which vary in size and features offered. The 'Mica' is best for "single level comfort," as the website says, and comes complete with a full-service kitchen and bathroom. Don't be fooled by it's exterior, though, because it's quite magnificent on the inside.
In a tour of the tiny home, Steve Weissmann explains that the Mica is initially painted silver. Over time, it oxidizes with the water and eventually gives off a rusty color. Inside, the Mica has a very modern, clean feel. Check it out below.
Here's the Mica in all of its glory. It goes great with the beach as a backdrop.
Now let's have a look at the interior.
The single-floor Mica has a very modern look to it.
Above the bed sits a window which allows for fresh air and natural light.
Next to the bed are a number of shelves, for all of your storage needs.
The Mica has a low flush toilet, like many tiny homes.
It also has a shower which, according to the website, "can be connected to the sewer or an external holding tank."
The kitchen has plenty of counter space for food preparation.
The tiny home has an oven, a small refrigerator, and a stove top.
Here's a look at the layout.
Take the tour with Weissmann below.

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