MEDCottages' gorgeous cottages specially designed for your aging loved ones

When it comes time for your loved ones to move into an assisted living facility of some sort, you want to ensure that they get the best care imaginable. MedCottage is helping families ensure that goal. They've developed a line of cottages, which they've deemed "upscale senior housing," that allow individuals some degree of freedom.
"Our signature product, the MEDCottage, supports this idea of family-managed healthcare," the website reads. There are three different models of the MEDCottage, all varying in size. Below, you'll get a glimpse of the 288 square foot version. It may sound small, but wait until you take a tour.
The MEDCottage boasts a modern exterior with French double doors.
Here's a look at the interior. The MEDCottage has beautiful wood floors and an open-floor plan.
Next to the full-service kitchen is a closet for your storage needs. 
"Using smart robotic features, it can monitor vital signs, filter the air for contaminants, and communicate with the outside world very easily," according to the website.
On a warm night, tenants can prop the doors open to let in some fresh air.
Check out that bathroom! It's handicapped accessible and as spacious as can be.
MEDCottage is innovating how we care for the elders. What do you think of these living quarters?

Take a peek inside.
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