The openness of this tiny house's living room is remarkable. Check it out here

Tumbleweed Tiny Homes are quickly becoming industry leaders in maximizing available space for luxury living. One of the implied staples of tiny home living is that you have to sacrifice because of a lack of room but Tumbleweed likes to alleviate that as much as possible.
The Linden model is 20' long and sits in a comfy 131 ft 2. It still sleeps three however and features relaxation and function both inside and out. 
The Linden sits 7'8” wide which leads to a very streamlined design. There is no corner bench for staring out the front window as popularized in many tiny house designs but the front foyer is still spacious and relatively warm.
There is ample kitchen space with this particular design. In a tiny home counter space is one of the most underrated features as it serves not only as a prep area, but also storage throughout the day.
A look from the front towards the back of the Linden shows an example of the quaintness of the tiny house. Ladder access to the loft allows for more room in what could be considered the living area. This setup also allows for a bathroom tucked underneath the loft creating more space away from the kitchen.
The sleeping loft measures 6'8” X 6'10” and has an open design. Many tiny homeowners actually prefer an open loft because it offers more ventilation, natural light, and the ability to slide the ladder from side to side for convenience. One thing that should be noted is that various layouts of the Linden also allow for the loft to be designed into the ground floor, avoiding the need for regular ladder use while increasing storage space up top.
The bathroom is quaint yet functional, separated, and organized.
The Linden offers a style and luxury almost perfect for living on the go. The dimensions fit comfortably on a 20' trailer bed and the 8,800 pound weight is manageable.

Take a peek inside.
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