Elegant mobile tiny home by Rewild Homes: Tour the house with us

Besides the freedom to go anywhere and the obviouslower mortgage and utility bills – one of the biggest allures of a tiny houseis less energy consumption and thus a reduced carbon footprint on theenvironment. Many tiny homeowners feel that being eco-friendly is not somethingthat a tiny home should implement not when it is lived in, but when it is beingbuilt as well. This is the main premise behind the Sustainable Cabin from Rewild Homes.
From 100-year old reclaimed barnwood floors to ablack walnut slab countertop to using stains and varnishes that don't give offgases the Sustainable Cabin is built with attention to the environment in mind.These features are not only eco-friendly, they add a rustic, woodsy feel thatcreates a unique ½ craftsman, ½ log cabin style tiny home.
The wood contrast on the front overhang of thehome sets the stage for the style and feel of the house and the mounted deerhead statue eliminates any of the doubt. An octagon shaped window adds a uniquecurb appeal while also allowing natural light into a loft behind.
The view from the front door shows the obviousfocal point of the Sustainable Cabin - the long, live-edge walnut counter. Itis an exclusive design that adds a lot of functionality to the home althoughsome people might say it comes at the price of lounging and recreation space.
Like much of the home the kitchen sink area iswell-lit and the white porcelain contrasts nicely with the maple countertop. Ashower area sits behind the adjacent wall as well. 
The bathroom is situated in the very rear of thehome. A shower is situated to the left and a toilet to the right with a slidingdoor providing privacy.
The steps leading to the loft offer the dualfunctionality of having added storage underneath. In the background you can seea bench that can be outfitted with cushions to serve as a sort of lounge area.
A better look at the front of the home shows thebench seating area with a fold down table that can be used for eating orworking on the laptop. There is also the ladder access to the secondary loftsituated above the entryway.
The main loft hangs over the rear of the cabin andis very spacious with loads of light and ventilation from the side windows andthe open front, not to mention a skylight in the ceiling. A rear octagon windowmatches the one the front of the home and creates a cozy atmosphere.
A lot of craftsmanship has gone into the RewildHomes house to ensure it is sustainable, stylish, and functional. From thelooks of things it's safe to say their mission is accomplished.