Peek inside 27-year-old's 'enchanting woodland retreat.' The shower won't disappoint you

At first glance, this tiny home's wood exterior may give visitors the impression that it's nothing more than a simple wood house. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. This is 27-year-old yoga instructor Rebecca Grim's tiny home.
She lovingly calls it "Keva" that, according to the Huffington Post, it's short for Hindu-related word "Kevala," meaning "peaceful, pure, simple." A description that suits this "enchanting woodland retreat" to perfection, as the Huffington Post also describes it. 
Featuring some brilliant design elements and plenty of natural lighting, this tiny home actually gives an impression of being much larger than it really is, also thanks to its 15 feet tall ceilings.
The house is parked in the land of one of Grim's couple of friends. She explains how the cost of building the house was a total of $50,000 and the $300 rent she pays covers water, electricity, parking, Wi-Fi and orchard access. 
The abundance of clever storage and unique uses of window space make this small house feel like it can accommodate large groups with ease. And it actually does.
As Grim tells the Huffington Post, "I don’t have a lot of people over all the time, but when I do, there can be at least 10 people in the living room area in a circle, so it’s pretty good. Also, I think at one point we had about 30 people on the deck one summer night."
A modest exterior and wrap around porch may seem like nothing special, but the closer you get, the more you see that this home is actually has much more to it.
The main entrance french doors welcome guests into the common area/living room. That unique look on the walls is achieved thanks to a material called American clay, Grim explains on her website
Next to the old style stove/heater are a couple of windowsill seats that not only offer additional seating for guests but also turn windows into a kind of miniature room.
These windowsill benches offer a nice spot for reading by natural light. The countertops expand to offer more working space in the kitchen, but also work as an office for Grim. 
Next to the living room is the kitchen, which has a nice wrap around table space for food prep or to even eat on.
Opposite the counter is the sink and two-burner stovetop which overlooks the backyard area and hammock.
Fitting with the overall design theme of the house, wood drawers, cabinets and shelves line the kitchen area, giving the homeowners plenty of options for storage without it being to noticeable.
The open shelves have a dual purpose, appearing as a nice rustic decoration while being storage.
Two people can sit comfortably on the end of the counter at the wrap around table.
Underneath the bed, next to the other glass door is a wall full of hanging storage and shelving. Given the amount of space, it can easily accommodate a two-person wardrobe. 
Opposite the closet space is the steel drum shower/tub, which can allow a person to not only soak or dip their feet...
but also stand for a regular shower. The pebble floor around the shower gives it the most unique and original look. 
Above the shower and closet is the bedroom, which is surprisingly roomy and has a skylight, perfect for letting in natural light during the day or looking up at the stars at night.
At a comfortable height, the bedroom is accessible yet offers a reasonable amount of privacy.
Outside, the wood deck makes for a great gathering area during warmer weather and the glass roof lets in sunlight or keeps rain at bay. 
For being out in nature, this tiny home retains the spirit of the outdoors with its wood design yet still has enough cozy comforts to make you feel at home. 
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