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Tiny living has swept across the States, and in response Ron and Sue decided to build a "tiny mansion" in Amish country in Ohio. According to Shiny Tiny Mansion, the couple started building their house in 2001 and took six years to complete it. They built the home by themselves with help from Ron's father and their nephew. Because the roof has such a steep pitch to it, they had some Amish men come out and help them with that.
Both Ron and Sue are artists and craftspeople who thrive on the idea of living large in a small space, and their creativity is reflected in the design and decor of the tiny dwelling. They have been living small for years and are even considering downsizing one more time. Their website, Shiny Tiny Mansion, points out that tiny living isn't for everyone, but they share helpful tips for those who are considering starting out on this venture.

Main Entrance Back Side

Posted by Shiny Tiny Mansion on Monday, July 14, 2014
The back porch extends off the tiny kitchen while this quaint front porch wraps around the front of the house on the opposite side of the kitchen and living room. Even the furniture on the front porch is handcrafted and given an artistic flair.

Front Porch

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Inside the living room, the large windows and white ceiling give the illusion of space. Ron and Sue have added their own eclectic touch with quilts and knickknack holders built onto the wall.

Living Room 1

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Shiny Tiny Mansion's floor plan shows how the bathroom comes off one end of the living room, and the kitchen comes off the other end. Stairs ascend from one side to go upstairs to the bedroom.

Living Room 2

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Living Room 3

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Although the space may be small, 450 square feet at this time, the tiny abode still has room for a flat-screen TV.

Living Room 4

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Rather than sticking with the very clean, contemporary lines of today's homes, Ron and Sue decided to add their own unique flair to their tiny space by using unique colors, lines and decorations.

Living Room Pantry w/ Hollywood Vlad

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A vintage ad spruces up the front of the sink, and yellow paint makes the kitchen a cheerful place to cook or spend some time together. The color palette is even a little vintage.
A creative use of space has the ironing board stored in the bathroom. The fish on the walls give the room a playful, whimsical feel.
Although Ron and Sue have a tiny home, their shower is not a tiny space. Beautifully encased in tile, they devoted more space to the bathroom than they did the kitchen.
This narrow staircase leads upstairs to the bedroom loft. In a post on Tiny House Swoon, Ron points out that going up the stairs with the left foot first is the best way to tackle this narrow flight. 
The bedroom has enough space for a bed and a few other pieces of furniture. Rather than leave the overhead beams plain, Ron and Sue decorated the ceiling with painted leaves.
Their front porch takes advantage of the beautiful Ohio countryside.

From the Front Yard

Posted by Shiny Tiny Mansion on Monday, July 14, 2014
Tiny living may not be for everyone, but with a little creativity and ingenuity, creating a completely unique, comfortable home with gorgeous landscape is definitely possible. One person posted on Tiny House Swoon, "Thank you for having a little house that looks like a home instead of a fake-looking, modern, boring architectural magazine presentation." Ron and Sue have taken their tiny home to a new level for tiny homes.

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