Tiny cedar bungalow's clever storage options make it as functional as a regular-sized home

The owner of the Wind River Bungalow set a goal of being debt free by the age of 30. Whatever money the husband and wife couple would have spent on rent or mortgage for a bigger home was instead put towards paying off school and car loans as well as credit card debt. They accomplished their goal of not owing a cent to anyone while at the same time having a 192-square-foot tiny home that they own 100 percent. The company can also make the bungalow longer if that's the customer's preference. 
One of the biggest benefits that tiny homeowners reap rewards from is the ability to spend more one on one time with nature. Ideally, the best tiny home designs are ones that easily mesh the forest and landscapes with the house itself which is exactly what the Wind River Bungalow accomplishes.
The rustic cedar siding and contrasting green metal roof create a woodsy design palette that looks at home anywhere from a plush forest to the wide open plains.
Tools of the trade for outdoor landscaping are a stone's throw away in what is essentially an attached shed.
A side awning creates a great location for parking adventure vehicles or just creating shade for a break from the afternoon sun.
The wood theme dominates the interior as well from floor to ceiling including cupboards, cabinets, and shelves.
Living in a tiny house doesn't mean your kitchen has to be crowded or poorly organized. 
When it's finally time to come inside for the night, there is ample room for lounging, reading, doing computer work, or just recharging for the next day.
The wardrobe is inconspicuous by design with plenty of space for both his and her outfits.
The bathroom and shower area is very roomy compared to some cramped tiny house wet rooms and even features some overhead shelving for additional storage.
An open concept loft creates plenty of natural light and the pitch of the roof allows room to sit up or even stand. It has space for a queen size bed. 
There's also "one small storage loft on opposite end of sleeping loft" with integrated shelving. 
The Wind River Bungalow is designed to serve almost as a side staple for an enthusiast who loves the outdoors. The interior is so warm, comforting, and inviting however that it almost becomes a struggle to actually leave to go outside. 
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