Beautiful vintage-inspired tiny home on wheels

Portland-based tiny homes building company Tiny Heirloom specializes in extremely elegant and sophisticated tiny houses on wheels: "every detail, big and small, is thought of and perfected," they proudly say on their website. This is their Vintage creation and it's as good as it sounds.
They offer endless possibilities in terms of customization of their tiny houses, but affirming that "even our custom base package is luxurious from top to bottom." In case you're wondering, Tiny Heirloom "custom base model packages start at $79,000," but as they also clearly state on their website, "the sky is the limit" for the customizations they're willing to do to your tiny home.
Here's a front view of their Vintage model. 
This tiny home is the proof that downsizing by no means implies having to decorate poorly. This space has been perfectly furnished without making this tiny home cluttered at all. 
Yes, those are stunning hardwood floors and yes again, that is a beautiful marble kitchen countertop. Talking about downsizing with style!
The vintage stove at the end of the tiny home adds an extra super homey and antique touch, and it's located in between two extremely practical closets. 
And now this. Something that in our humble opinion takes the cake in this vintage-inspired tiny beauty: the kitchen. It's clean lines and white cabinets make this space look bigger without losing a bit of style. 
"Really cool features like this hidden dishwasher and combined washer and dryer are totally feasible and affordable options. Although it doesn't look like it, this dishwasher can hold up to 7 place settings and 4 large pots and pans," the Tiny Heirloom team explains on their blog.
Yes, yes and yes! Your very own vintage clawfoot bathtub in your tiny home bathroom, can you imagine? 
The lovely loft bedroom's accent touches make it plain lovely. Just take a look at that gorgeous vintage rounded map, the faux-fur blanket or the hanging plant. 
Inviting setup, isn't it? 
Seriously, what is not to like about this tiny wonder on wheels? Be sure to SHARE it with your friends and help to spread the word!

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