This adorable tiny cottage by the beach is a must-see

Though this beachside bungalow only measures 325 square feet, owners Glenn and Lawson have devised a way to embrace every inch. Now they want to share their cottage — an envy-worthy oasis aptly named 'Our Little Secret' on St. George Island, Fla. — with the rest of the world.
According to the cottage's Facebook page, St. George Island is located four miles off the coast of Florida and is part of a "quaint cottage community where high-rise buildings and high-density development is banned in favor of a well-planned community existing in harmony with the coastal environment." This beachside escape is a prime example of drawing inspiration from the surroundings while staying true to the tiny home movement's core ideals of sustainability.
The cottage's brilliant blue exterior is only rivalled by the near-cloudless sky above it and matches the intensity of the vibrant foliage around it. The cheery color palette remains consistent throughout the home, tying in splashes of yellow and green as accents.
The high ceilings give the interior an airiness that practically begs you to throw open the windows and let the tropical breeze in. As a plus, the cottage was built to withstand winds of 180 miles per hour.
The kitchen is just past the great room, with the sleeping loft accessible via a moveable ladder.
The kitchen is clean, open, and fully operational.
The pale yellow walls seem to amplify the gorgeous sunshine streaming in from outside.
The bathroom is equipped with all the amenities you'd expect.
The stunning cobalt blue bed is the perfect place to unwind after a day of beachcombing.
How adorable are these throw pillows?
Here's the view from the loft.
I could see myself passing time in an Adirondack chair with a cold beverage.
During their segment on Tiny House Hunting, Glenn and Lawson enthuse about how tiny living has altered the way the spend their time. They venture outside far more frequently; as such, their porch is almost as large as the tiny home itself.
And with such varied and comfy seating options, it's a wonder they spend any time indoors at all. The Facebook page warns of "Probable island addiction," but it's not so bad — as far as vices go.
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