Anacortes, WA adorable tiny house for rent

In the picturesque island of Guemes, WA lies this adorable tiny home, available for rent in AirBnB. The owners proudly explain in the description that it is also "a makers house, featuring curated items made from artists and craftsman," something that gives the house its unique vibe. These artistic items are described in a specially dedicated notebook that also explains where they are available for purchase.
Besides this artistic ambiance, the house seems to be like the perfect spot for those who are keen on the great outdoors and the many alternative activities they have to offer: from biking tours to long walks on the beach, Guemes Island sounds like the perfect natural paradise. 
The first thing you notice when you get closer to this tiny house through is that it's surrounded by a beautiful forest, perfect for those seeking for a little bit of peace and rest. However, those looking for hiking adventures also seem to have come to the perfect place!
The welcoming entrance is complete with a beautiful potted plant and a bench so you can take a rest after those long hikes in the surrounding forests or beaches. 
This would be the main room in the house, including a love seat, a kitchen  and a little breakfast nook. One of the first things to catch your eye are the beautiful wooden floors and details throughout all the house. 
The large "farmhouse sink" is a true beauty, perfectly contrasting with the wooden tones of the countertop, the window frame and the little selves supporting the glasses and the toaster oven. The kitchen also includes a two-burner cooktop. 
The wooden details stand out throughout the whole house, giving it a very unique rustic yet modern look. 
The benches at the nook, according to the description, have "multipurpose uses," since they can be used as dining chairs, step stools or couch side tables. As another example of the functionality of this house, the table folds to allow extra space. Notice they're also wooden finished. 
Upstairs one can find the beautiful sleeping loft, with a queen bed and radar sconces made by School House Electric. These give to the house a very nautical touch. 
The loft is reachable thanks to a foldable ladder. 
The couch has extra storage space underneath it (it hosts extra DVD's, board games and blankets!) 
The TV is above the kitchen window. 
This one is probably one of the prettiest details in this house: the reading loft. With a wooden floor that beautifully stands out against the black chalkboard wall, the place looks like the perfect spot to relax and finally finish that novel. 
The reading loft can also be prepared for extra bedding space, you just have to ask the owners to be ready for it. 
Downstairs you can find the bathroom, complete with a large stall shower. The beautiful wooden details can also be found here, in the window frames, but also in the gorgeous tiny shelf over the sink. 
There's also an extra closet right next to the shower. 
All in all, what a beautiful and peaceful place to stay. What can be more inviting than having a barbeque party in this patio with a firepit? 
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