Tiny 'Surf Shack'

Sun, sand, waves — the rest is just details. Two surfing-loving brothers wanted a low-cost, low-difficulty "surf shack" situated near their passion along Chile's central coastline. The result was a glass-and-box design that features the Pacific off Matanzas as a natural background with an interior that is just as inviting as the crashing waves only a few feet away.
The surf shack was designed by WMR Arquitectos. The building offers a perfect mesh of indoor aesthetic with outdoor beauty. An encompassing stairs/deck/patio combination and a plethora of windows help create the focus on the real asset of this building — the intoxicating surroundings. 
Two basic principles drove the innovation behind the tiny surf shack and helped keep costs at a minimum. First of all, the home is built with a pier and post foundation so that “the cabin sits lightly on the hillside, avoiding the disruption and expense of a full excavated foundation,” according to Small House Bliss.
The other main concept behind the design of the surf cabin is using standard-size building materials, which helped determine the dimensions of the recreational and functional home. 
A living area and a sleeping area make up the two levels of the surfing getaway. An L-shaped breakfast area in the kitchen is lit up with the sun's natural light peering through the floor-to-ceiling windows — also a great natural alarm clock so you can wake up and hit the waves each morning.
 A steep staircase leads to the sleeping area, which features sliding doors for added privacy between the two recessed sleep areas. 
The hidden gem of the surf cabin is the commode, which allows a breathtaking view of the shoreline and surrounding areas as you are perched on the toilet. 
An outdoor seating and patio area cap off the luxurious design of the surf cabin. According to Small House Bliss, “In total the cabin’s floor plan comes to 51.6 square meters (555 square feet)," but the vast ocean and beautiful countryside add a sense of exploration and adventure that is almost infinite.
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