Spacious tiny house on wheels: 160 square feet The Poco Edition 

Canadian company Tiny Living Ltd. definitely has the knack for building tiny homes that feel functional and spacious at the same time. The Poco Edition is one of their lovely creations.
The Spanish word "poco" translates to "not much" in English and though this home may look like not much from the outside, the inside proves that looks can be deceiving. You'd never be able to tell just by looking that this tiny home houses not one but two lofts within its walls. 
The 160-square-foot marvel looks perfectly charming from the outside. From the contrasting French doors to the quaint light fixtures, the Poco appears to be a condensed cabin waiting to be explored.
There are plenty of windows on all sides, allowing light to come in and make the space feel more bright and homey.
It's also worth noting that the Poco complies with legal size limits, allowed them to be safely transported on the road.
From this angle, you can see the storage loft just above the French doors. The website lists the dimensions of the loft as seven feet and four inches by two feet. On the left, you can see the table, which folds down with ease. The couch on the right looks comfy and perfectly suited for a quick nap.
Adjacent to the table is the kitchen, as well as a ladder up to the sleeping loft. This is the same ladder that accesses the storage loft and it can be moved back and forth, no problem.
The shelves on the wall are perfect for books, decorative items, and even spices for the avid chefs out there.
As you can see, the table conveniently folds down, should you need more space in the sitting room.
The kitchen features plenty of counter space and fits a mini fridge under the counter. It also comes equipped for an electric or propane cooktop, and the drawers and cabinets are all soft-closing.
This is the view from the sleeping loft. The high ceilings contribute to the spacious feeling within this tiny home.
The cozy sleeping loft is just above the kitchen, accessible via the sturdy removable ladder. There is enough room on either side of the bed to use as a makeshift nightstand and the window allows for late-night stargazing.
The shower stall is a comfortable size, and the sink's unique shape is a cool detail. The all-white room — save for the ceiling and the window trim — also creates the illusion of space while still remaining in harmony with the rest of the house's decor.
How cute is this closet nook? It even lets you hang dresses and coats with ease. The nook is also "Fully plumbed and wired for option of 110v washer dryer" should you choose to hook an appliance up.
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