Oversize bathroom and kitchen take center stage in this tiny home  

When you think of tiny homes, you naturally think that everything in the interior is, well, tiny. This trailer, however, is proof that you can live large regardless of the dimensions of your dwelling.
This tiny home — a customized version of the Loft Edition from Tiny Living Ltd. — is stunning from the outside, but the layout is sure to make you swoon. The airy design, ample sunlight, and massive bathroom and kitchen set this trailer apart from the rest.
The trailer complies with legal size limits for towing, which allows it to be moved without a permit. You can literally bring the kitchen sink, as well as the rest of your house, with you wherever you want to go.
The standard siding for this model is beveled cedar, but it can be stained or painted to your specifications. The dark stain on this one contrasts beautifully with the white trim, and this color palette is echoed to perfection in the interior design.
Now here's something you don't always see in a tiny home: a washer/dryer combo, conveniently located in the palatial bathroom next to the shower. Talk about a game-changer!
The shower stall is a decent size and features a luxurious rain showerhead. The exposed beams on the ceiling add some rustic charm.
The bathroom sink and counter area is directly across from the laundry machine, and has plenty of storage space below, but that's not the best part.
Yes, there are TWO sinks in the bathroom. No need to fight over the faucet while getting ready.
The trailer boasts 10-foot ceilings, which not only add to the airy quality of the space, but also accommodate not one but two sleeping lofts. This one is accessible by a ladder that has been cleverly mounted on the bathroom's sliding door.
The other loft is accessible by a staircase, complete with a hand railing mounted into the wall for safety.
The loft is spacious enough for both a bed and some extra storage.
Next to the stairs, there is a lovely and well-lit desk nook.
Depending on how many people you need to seat, you can either pull out the stool or the bench. Both are generously padded, and the bench has drawers for even more storage.
Just behind the nook, there is a fold-down counter that can also serve as an eating or working space.
The staircase is equipped with additional shelving, which can hold books or whatever knickknacks you may have.
This full-size refrigerator is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the enviable features the kitchen has to offer.
Not only is there enough counter space for even the most complex meal preparation, but the four-burner cooktop and twin oven are the stuff dreams are made of. And of course, we can't forget about the exposed wood-beam ceiling.
Another double sink! Pinch us, we must be dreaming.
It's impossible to be in a bad mood when cooking in such a top-notch kitchen.
Looks gorgeous both coming and going, don't you think?
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