See this beautiful British Columbia cottage made out of only natural materials

Who hasn't dreamt of living in an idyllic, fairy-tale cottage?  
Thanks to Airbnb, the revolutionary online platform where users rent their homes to vacationers, you can now have the romanticized fairy-tale holiday you've always wanted.
Listed as Unique Cob Cottage, the adorable one-bedroom home with a whimsical shape and arched roof can be found on Mayne Island, located between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.
"The natural beauty of Mayne Island comes from a combination of picturesque seascapes, pastoral farmlands, and rich west coast forest," advertises 
The home is located on a large plot of land surrounded by gardens, orchards and a private vineyard, according to the Airbnb listing. When visitors need a taste of life outside nature and Opal and Onyx, the sheep that live on the property, they can find a family grocery and deli specializing in local organic produce, as well as galleries, a bookstore, and a spa, only 20 minutes away by foot. 
Made of local, sustainable natural materials, the cottage blends seamlessly with its rich landscape. The home appears to rise naturally from the earth, paying homage to its surroundings and the materials that constitute its form. 
Inside, visitors can warm up in front of a gorgeous fireplace and enjoy their meals in a cozy breakfast nook. Or they can climb floating stairs and ascend into a heavenly bedroom, whose architecture is characterized by the the roof's dramatic wooden arch. 
Every room is filled with that rustic accent without losing any kind of comfortableness. 
Rustic doesn't mean it has to be opposed to a beautiful design. 
The entrance and living room, seen below, connect guests to the outdoors with large windows, cushioned seating and natural light.
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In the kitchen, the wood theme continues but with modern lighting and a bright workspace. The eat-in kitchen also features a lovely wood table with a view.
The bathroom, below, is earthy but delivers the essentials to make your visit relaxing. 
The bedroom upstairs is a sweet retreat, with an arched ceiling, wood designs and lots of windows.
To date, 112 people have stayed at the Unique Cob Cottage, all of whom have rated the property five stars, and many of whom have said they would return. 
"Absolutely perfect! the pictures don't do the place justice," writes Lisa from Seattle, Wash., who stayed at the Unique Cob Cottage in December 2015. "It was exactly what we wanted, one of our best airbnb experiences and can't wait to come back, its the best little retreat house." 
One of the earliest reviews came from Sahra from Vancouver, Canada, who stayed at the Unique Cob Cottage in December 2013. Sahra commented, "Im actually not very sure if I want to leave a review since Im being very greedy about this place and prefer not to let anyone know about how amazing, beautiful, peaceful and special this place is so I can be able to book it for myself anytime I want!" 
Unfortunately for Sahra, the Unique Cob Cottage is about to get a whole lot more popular.
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