Can this house on wheels sleep five? You better believe it can.

Nomad Tiny Homes, owned by Alex and Marianne Worlow of Dripping Springs, Texas, have crafted this gem of a tiny home for a family of five who are expected to park this beauty somewhere in the state of Oregon. 
Described online “a 42-foot gooseneck tiny home," this wonder strains credibility. It is gorgeous inside and out. In fact, if you hid the wheels, it might look like a stately manor on the hill, home to the local family of great wealth and means. This family, however, is wealthy in purpose, living in an efficient, eco-friendly home that can only have bankers licking their wounds, given the cost of a tiny home often keeps those financial wolverines at a safe distance.
Let's take a look.
All that blue color with the yellow door and the three identical sets of windows make this a very optimistic-looking home. 
Come on in. The doors are great, especially with the doors on the opposite side of the home that allows you to see through it.
This upstairs loft is situated in the back of the trailer. This is designed to be the master bedroom and even unfurnished, you can see the potential as a great bedroom is enormous.
The second bedroom has bunks for beds with the third bed expected to be a trundle bed that rolls under the bunks when not in use.
Here's another view of the second bedroom, which is behind the wall with the small set of stairs on the right for access.
A four-burner stove and a large sink are necessities for a family of five, as are all the drawers and cabinets for storage.
The stairs go up to the master bedroom. You can also see the bathroom at the far end of the photo on the left.
From a tiny home perspective, the size of this bathroom is almost incomparable -- enormous!
A standard storage gimmick for tiny homes is to use the space under the stairs. In this case, not only is the refrigerator tucked under the stairs, but there is storage space under the refrigerator, as well.
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