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Container Homes
Welcome to Brenda Kelly's IQ Container Home
This is Brenda Kelly's shipping container home, and it's really incredible to see what one can do with a couple of these......
By Stacey Mattish
Organizational Tips
Farmhouse chic kitchen organizers
Decorating your kitchen can go beyond just the aesthetics of a charming country space and also provide welcome organization. If you're looking to corral some of your clutter while maintaining a kitchen that's attractive, consider some of these......
By Wendy Michaels
Cottage Living
Peek inside this charming storybook cottage
A bright and cozy storybook cottage...
By Erica Young
Tiny Home Tours
Couple retired in a tiny home, but the government wants to kick them out
Tom and Karen Rogers retired in a tiny home located in a mobile home community in York County. At first, the county allowed them to stay there, but since then, has changed their minds and asking them to vacate the property......
By Jing Chen
Space Saving Furniture
10 smart pieces of furniture that prove that efficiency can also be beautiful
Whether you're living in a tiny apartment or a tiny house, making the space functional can ease stress and keep your home tidy and organized. The problem is that a lot of storage furniture is bulky. If you are already running low on space, big furnit...
By Angela Brown
Tiny Home on Wheels
Enjoy the perfect 'tiny getaway' in a handmade, hidden home
Hidden in Olympia, Wash. lies this beautiful, quiet tiny home. Handmade by its owner, Brittany, the little house features many commodities, but it also keeps that rustic and eco-friendly charm....
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Converted Buses
See why a couple 'never looked back' after moving into their bus
'After about 6 months of building, we moved into the bus in October 2013 and never looked back. The bus is our solution to the fear of living a life that we might regret,' Chris and Kelly proudly say on their blog....
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home on Wheels
Beautiful vintage-inspired tiny home on wheels
Portland-based tiny homes building company Tiny Heirloom specializes in extremely elegant and sophisticated tiny houses on wheels. This is their Vintage creation and it's as good as it sounds....
By Carmen Martínez
Tiny Home Tours
Meet the Minim Home, a flexible and comfortable tiny wonder
'It’s inventive and clever within the smallest means,' says Washingtonian juror Robert Silver of this surprisingly wide tiny home....
By Kayla Dalsfoist
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