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Small Home Floor Plans
8 Ranch-style tiny homes, #4 is fantastic
The ranch house is an American classic that is experiencing a resurgence of popularity from new builders. Designed to minimize external decor and usually found as a long structure, the ranch house is perfect for informal and comfortable lifestyles....
By Emily Roche
Converted Buses
Family converts a 1960s Bedford Panorama Bus into a lovely hotel
'Superb, unbelievable, beautiful, unique, serene, just some of the words we can use to describe our week in the Majestic Bus,' an enthusiastic fan shared on their website....
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home Tours
Step inside this gorgeous park model tiny cottage: The kitchen island is the real star
Take a stroll through this luxury park model cottage. You won't be disappointed....
By Jing Chen
Tiny Home on Wheels
Meet the Halls and their lovely tiny abode
The lack of clutter in this tiny house is truly amazing....
By Anthony Hall
Tiny Home on Wheels
Take a tour of the Trillium Caravan
This tiny caravan is over-the-top gorgeous....
By Anthony Hall
Cottage Living
Check out this beautiful guest house that was once a garage
A charming cottage style guest house...
By Erica Young
RusticLiving - Cabins
Welcome to Keva, a peaceful tiny retreat in British Columbia (watch video)
When asked if it's hard to live in a tiny house, 27-year-old Rebecca Grim has only one thing to say: 'That is a silly question. It is fabulous and really fun.'...
By Chris Ternate
Small Home Regulations
Pennsylvania Woman Tries To Find Place For Tiny Home
Rachel Ford works two jobs, putting in 70 to 80 hours a week in administration and as a waitress. She has struggled with finances and events in her personal life and decided to make the switch to a simpler life....
By Gretchen Gales
Park Model World
Take a peek inside the beautiful Athens Park  Model RVs
Athens Park Homes has perfected the art of making small spaces feel like palaces....
By Carmen Martínez
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