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Cottage Living
Check out this beautiful guest house that was once a garage
A charming cottage style guest house...
By Erica Young
Converted Buses
See why a couple 'never looked back' after moving into their bus
'After about 6 months of building, we moved into the bus in October 2013 and never looked back. The bus is our solution to the fear of living a life that we might regret,' Chris and Kelly proudly say on their blog....
By Stacey Mattish
Organizational Tips
13 super clever ways to keep your kitchen decluttered and organized in no time
The kitchen is one of the rooms that can easily become a mess, more if we're talking about smaller houses. Maximizing the space you have couldn't be simpler thanks to these efficient, yet gorgeous hacks, tips, and ideas....
By Carmen Martínez
Cottage Living
Check out this amazing guest house: 600 square feet of luxury
An beautiful and functional guest house...
By Erica Young
Tiny Home on Wheels
Welcome to the beautiful Wohnwagon, a really smart tiny home on wheels
This is a Wohnwagon. An Austrian-made mobile tiny home that instantly catches the eye with its livability and beautiful design. Check out the photos and floor plans inside!...
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Organizational Tips
10 awesome organization ideas that you can have done in 15 minutes or less
Whether you live in a small or large space, clutter seems to slowly creep into people's lives. Cupboards, bathrooms, dressers and closets seem to be the biggest culprits of the clutter bug; and eventually, the mess forces a person to deal with the......
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home Tours
Luxury tiny cabin has it all
Take a peek inside....
By Jing Chen
Cottage Living
Check out this dreamy fairytale cottage: you'll fall in love with the inside!
Historic cottage built in 1710...
By Erica Young
Container Homes
Welcome to this beautiful shipping container home by Coastal Pods
This beauty not only has 2 bedrooms, it also has 2 bathrooms!...
By Angela Brown
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