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Organizational Tips
13 amazing organization tips to squeeze that extra storage out of your kitchen
Magic takes place in the kitchen. Families gather around the dinner table to enjoy the delicacies created there. Sometimes, though, creating the magic becomes very difficult when trying to locate utensils that are hidden in the backs of drawers......
By Stacey Mattish
Organizational Tips
Farmhouse chic kitchen organizers
Decorating your kitchen can go beyond just the aesthetics of a charming country space and also provide welcome organization. If you're looking to corral some of your clutter while maintaining a kitchen that's attractive, consider some of these......
By Wendy Michaels
Tiny Home Tours
Step inside this gorgeous park model tiny cottage: The kitchen island is the real star
Take a stroll through this luxury park model cottage. You won't be disappointed....
By Jing Chen
Park Model World
Take a peek inside the beautiful Athens Park  Model RVs
Athens Park Homes has perfected the art of making small spaces feel like palaces....
By Carmen Martínez
Container Homes
Enter this spectacular shipping container home to discover a most clever bedroom
Brenda Kelly of IQ Container Homes in New Zealand is the inspiration behind the company's shipping container homes. A...
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home Tours
Truck transforms into a magical, planet-friendly home
Sit back for a moment and ask yourself what are the finer things in life?...
By Anthony Hall
Cottage Living
Welcome to the Sandpiper cottage in Cabot Cove 
These luxury cottages are guaranteed to provide you with a quiet getaway perfect for brewing up your next mystery novel or simply enjoying quiet time with family. Set near a small town of just under 11,000, this place is the perfect respite from......
By Angela Brown
Tiny Home Tours
Take a tour of the Morrisons' lovely tiny abode (video)
Gabriella and Andrew Morrison are now happily living in their 327-square-foot home, completely off-grid and debt-free....
By Mark Serper
Cottage Living
Check out this adorable laneway house full of light  
An adorable guest house....
By Erica Young
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