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Tiny Home Tours
Welcome to the fairy land of the Little White House
Daniel Blagovich is a visual artist who decided to build himself a tiny home studio. He used only salvaged materials, but the end result is an absolute dream....
By Nick Georgandis
Small Home Floor Plans
7 functional and adorable country-style floor plans under 1000 square feet
Downsizing and finding smaller living solutions may sound great on paper, but many people are worried that such 'tight' spaces are not for everyone. These country-style floor plans demonstrate that the size isn't what makes a house a home....
By Carmen Martínez
Cottage Living
Take a look inside this small yet luxurious beach cottage
A luxurious beach house in Santa Monica....
By Erica Young
Cottage Living
Charming tiny cottage in Seattle: Tour it with us 
This cheery cottage can be found the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, and it's so colorful you'll want it for yourself....
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Tiny Home Tours
Welcome to this lovely and bohemian 400-square-foot tiny beauty
Interior designer Kim Lewis has been nominated for several awards thanks to this beauty....
By Mark Serper
Small Home Floor Plans
Tiny homes without stairs; 6 examples of why we love bungalows
Properties with stairs can be overrated - what could be better than a house all on one level? Especially if you have health care issues that might prevent you from tackling the stairs as often as you need to....
By Emily Roche
Park Model World
Cross the French doors of this park model home and soak up the beachy vibe inside
This design by Palm Harbor Homes demonstrates that a park model home can become the perfect abode....
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home on Wheels
Rediscover simplicity with Mendy's Tiny Home
Mendy’s Tiny Home is what you get when you combine tiny living with southern charm. Complete with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and loft, this delightful little home finds the perfect balance between space, simplicity and practicality....
By Thalita Alves
Converted Buses
Welcome to Von Slatt converted school bus
As a young college student in the 80s, Jake von Slatt was thumbing through books at a bookshop when he stumbled upon a book about converted buses. His interest was piqued, and he decided to finally bring his ideas and inspiration to fruition when he...
By Christi Aldridge
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