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Cottage Living
Check out this dreamy fairytale cottage: you'll fall in love with the inside!
Historic cottage built in 1710...
By Erica Young
Tiny Home on Wheels
Welcome to Pacifica, the newest addition to Caravan — The Tiny House Hotel 
Designed by expert tiny house builder Abel Zyl of Zyl Vardos and photographed by Jeff Freeman, the newest addition to the Caravan — The Tiny House Hotel in Portland is sure to make you swoon....
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Cottage Living
What can you do with a 1904 garage? Check this out
Former garage turned studio apartment is right near downtown Portland, Ore....
By Anthony Hall
Converted Buses
Tour this gorgeous green bus with its stunning loft and roof
When Josiah Deor-Williams saw the 1994 Dallas commuter bus, he didn't just see a form of transportation; he saw the beginnings of a cozy, comfortable, affordable home. With a love of travel and a woodworker's hands, he and his wife Christy set out to...
By Christi Aldridge
Cottage Living
Take a look inside this small yet luxurious beach cottage
A luxurious beach house in Santa Monica....
By Erica Young
Organizational Tips
13 awesome organization tips that will turn your bathroom into a tidy paradise
Lack of bathroom storage is a common problem. Bathrooms are usually small, even in a larger home, and they are notorious for lacking storage space. If you are living in a small home, bathroom storage is practically non-existent....
By Angela Brown
Tiny Home on Wheels
Welcome to the beautifully bright Traveler XL
The streamlined design is one of the most popular of any tiny home. Building long and thin definitely has some advantages over short and bulky, specifically for ease in commuting on a trailer....
By Mark Serper
Organizational Tips
17 creative uses of storage cubes that are spot-on for small homes
Tiny and small houses owners need to get creative about storage and space saving. Something that comes quite handy when it comes to facing such a challenge is the storage cubes shelving unit....
By Carmen Martínez
75-year-old man's Adventurer House Truck
In the course of his life, John has built a total of 12 tiny homes. He retired from the construction industry at the age of 45 and started living exactly how he wanted to....
By Tiffany Orr
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