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Container Homes
Welcome to Brenda Kelly's IQ Container Home
This is Brenda Kelly's shipping container home, and it's really incredible to see what one can do with a couple of these......
By Stacey Mattish
Cottage Living
Look inside this completely remodeled 1946 beach cottage!
This welcoming 1946 beach cottage in Laguna Beach cottage was a complete 'down to the studs' remodel. Refurbished items and antiques from the same time period were used in restoring the house. The care and attention to detail is apparent in every......
By Erica Young
Tiny Home Tours
Take a peek inside the lovely "Pecan:" a tiny cottage on wheels
'The Pecan,' a tiny cottage on wheels by designers Perch & Nest, has everything you could ask of a tiny home....
By Kevin Heffernan
Organizational Tips
7 ideas to have all the clutter in your home efficiently organized under the bed
The space under the bed is often wasted space. If you can find a way to capitalize on that space and use it to get organized, you are far ahead of most people. Below are seven great ideas for taming your bedroom clutter through under-bed storage......
By Stacey Mattish
Space Saving Furniture
6 incredible space savers for book lovers
Book lovers who live in tiny homes often face a terrible dilemma: is it better to get rid of some of your beloved books, or keep them all and live in a cluttered disaster? Luckily, you don't actually have to choose! With a bit of effort, you can......
By Melissa Earl
Tiny Home on Wheels
Welcome to Tiny Heirloom's Rustic Chic model
This tiny house is more chic than rustic, but it is a wow either way....
By Anthony Hall
Tiny Home Tours
Couple retired in a tiny home, but the government wants to kick them out
Tom and Karen Rogers retired in a tiny home located in a mobile home community in York County. At first, the county allowed them to stay there, but since then, has changed their minds and asking them to vacate the property......
By Jing Chen
Small Home Floor Plans
7 lovely and efficient floor plans that fit 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in under 1000 square feet
These beauties come in many different styles but they all have the same perk in common: in 1000 square feet or less they lovely fit not only 2 bedrooms but also 2 bathrooms!...
By Angela Brown
Tiny Home on Wheels
How would you decorate this tiny house? It's time to do some scheming
This is a sturdy, gem of a tiny house, built with 2x4s, so that it will accommodate full sized appliances. How smart is that?...
By Anthony Hall
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