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Organizational Tips
10 ways of organizing every corner of your home just with dollar store baskets
The dollar store is a haven of supplies, especially if you are organizing on a budget. If your home needs a bit of organizing and you only have a few bucks to your name, head to your nearest dollar store and load up on a few of these cute......
By Angela Brown
Tiny Home Tours
Take a tour of the Morrisons' lovely tiny abode
Gabriella and Andrew Morrison are now happily living in their 327-square-foot home, completely off-grid and debt-free....
By Mark Serper
Cottage Living
What can you do with a 1904 garage? Check this out
Former garage turned studio apartment is right near downtown Portland, Ore....
By Anthony Hall
Tiny Home Tours
Designer Kim Lewis creates the charming, tiny home "The Perch"
Designer Kim Lewis shows she really knows how to arrange and decorate a tiny home. 'The Perch' is the house she designed for Simon and Lindsey, founders of the non-profit Window to the Wild....
By Stacey Mattish
Organizational Tips
10 awesome organization ideas that you can have done in 15 minutes or less
Whether you live in a small or large space, clutter seems to slowly creep into people's lives. Cupboards, bathrooms, dressers and closets seem to be the biggest culprits of the clutter bug; and eventually, the mess forces a person to deal with the......
By Stacey Mattish
Park Model World
Take a peek inside the beautiful Athens Park  Model RVs
Athens Park Homes has perfected the art of making small spaces feel like palaces....
By Carmen Martínez
Cottage Living
Take a look inside this small yet luxurious beach cottage
A luxurious beach house in Santa Monica....
By Erica Young
Tiny Home Tours
Tour Møn Huset's beautiful modular 'Long House' with us
Danish builders Møn Huset have created a very clever, stylish yet rustic tiny abode. The Længehus (The Long House)....
By Henry Cannon
Tiny Home on Wheels
Rediscover simplicity with Mendy's Tiny Home
Mendy’s Tiny Home is what you get when you combine tiny living with southern charm. Complete with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and loft, this delightful little home finds the perfect balance between space, simplicity and practicality....
By Thalita Alves
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