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Space Saving Furniture
8 amazing pieces of space-saving furniture for people with kids
Kids are tiny, but all parents know they can take up a ton of space. Whether you have one child or four, these clever furniture designs will make sure your little ones have enough room to learn, play, and grow without you sacrificing your sanity!...
By Melissa Earl
75-year-old man's Adventurer House Truck
In the course of his life, John has built a total of 12 tiny homes. He retired from the construction industry at the age of 45 and started living exactly how he wanted to....
By Tiffany Orr
Cottage Living
Check out this amazing guest house: 600 square feet of luxury
An beautiful and functional guest house...
By Erica Young
Tiny Home on Wheels
Enjoy the perfect 'tiny getaway' in a handmade, hidden home
Hidden in Olympia, Wash. lies this beautiful, quiet tiny home. Handmade by its owner, Brittany, the little house features many commodities, but it also keeps that rustic and eco-friendly charm....
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Park Model World
Step into this stunning park model home: The cozy inside fits up to 4
Can you imagine staying here?...
By Jessica Chen
Organizational Tips
17 very smart tips to organize every room in your house
Most everyone has at least one room or area of their home that could use a little organization......
By Angela Brown
Tiny Home on Wheels
Welcome to Pacifica, the newest addition to Caravan — The Tiny House Hotel 
Designed by expert tiny house builder Abel Zyl of Zyl Vardos and photographed by Jeff Freeman, the newest addition to the Caravan — The Tiny House Hotel in Portland is sure to make you swoon....
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Country Home Tours
Tiny woodland cottage doesn't only boast the best views, the bathroom has it all
This cute, little tiny home for rent can be found in a 5.5-acre forest in North Carolina, so it's perfect for those seeking for a peaceful and quiet retreat....
By Carmen Martínez
Cottage Living
Take a peek inside this tiny cabin: You won't believe it's home to a family of five
A tiny and bright cottage....
By Erica Young
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