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Organizational Tips
13 super clever ways to keep your kitchen decluttered and organized in no time
The kitchen is one of the rooms that can easily become a mess, more if we're talking about smaller houses. Maximizing the space you have couldn't be simpler thanks to these efficient, yet gorgeous hacks, tips, and ideas....
By Carmen Martínez
Tiny Communities
Welcome to the peaceful Cabot Cove Cottages village
Described as 'the quintessentially Maine 'quick escape' lifestyle, the Cabot Cove Cottages village is the perfect retreat....
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Home Tours
This adorable tiny cottage by the beach is a must-see
Though this beachside bungalow only measures 325 square feet, the owners have devised a way to embrace every inch. Now they want to share their envy-worthy oasis aptly named 'Our Little Secret' with ......
By Kayla Dalsfoist
Cottage Living
Check out this beautiful guest house that was once a garage
A charming cottage style guest house...
By Erica Young
Tiny Home on Wheels
Look behind this yellow door and be taken in by how cute this house is
This is as cute as it gets and it has room o spare....
By Anthony Hall
Tiny Home Tours
Take a tour of the 'Blueberry' tiny home with us
'The size of a tiny house is great to take on when you don’t have any build experience,' Laura told Tiny House Giant Journey....
By Mark Serper
Small Home Floor Plans
7 floor plans for small spaces made bigger with vaulted ceilings
Vaulted ceilings add an airy, spacious feel to any space and are especially effective in tiny homes to bring light and open air to the building. By leaving the ceiling off of a living area so that the eye travels vertically towards the roof ceiling.....
By Emily Roche
Cottage Living
What can you do with a 1904 garage? Check this out
Former garage turned studio apartment is right near downtown Portland, Ore....
By Anthony Hall
Park Model World
Check out the unique staircase in this replica caboose
This RV-cabin-caboose is gorgeous....
By Anthony Hall
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