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Cottage Living
Take a peek inside this tiny cabin: You won't believe it's home to a family of five
A tiny and bright cottage....
By Erica Young
Tiny Home Tours
MEDCottages' gorgeous cottages specially designed for your aging loved ones
MedCottages designs and builds these tiny cottages. They have 3 different sized models, but it's really difficult to choose a favorite!...
By Henry Cannon
Space Saving Furniture
10 space-saving beds that will solve lack of room in tiny bedrooms
A bedroom is a highly personal room within a home. It's the place you go to recharge and, perhaps, relax. For children, bedrooms also often act as playrooms; for adults and teens, the bedroom can be used for work or study. Clothing generally needs......
By Stacey Mattish
Tiny Communities
Tiny homes village for people with mental issues in North Carolina
In Chatham County, North Carolina, a tiny house development is in the works to specifically help them find safe and affordable housing....
By Gretchen Gales
Organizational Tips
17 very smart tips to organize every room in your house
Most everyone has at least one room or area of their home that could use a little organization......
By Angela Brown
Cottage Living
Check out this amazing guest house: 600 square feet of luxury
An beautiful and functional guest house...
By Erica Young
Park Model World
Tour this stunning park model home from Utah
Can you imagine staying here?...
By Jing Chen
Space Saving Furniture
5 genius space saving furniture ideas
Whether you live in a tiny, a small or a regular-size home, saving space is super important to keep a tidy and well organized abode....
By Angela Brown
Organizational Tips
7 budget-friendly organization ideas for the bathroom you'll need to copy immediately
Bathroom space is prime real estate, especially if you live in a small home....
By Angela Brown
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