Welcome to "Lady," the River Gypsy House Truck

Tony and Rebecca offer a River Gypsy House Truck on Airbnb for those who want to try tiny house living in New Zealand. The couple has taken a 1950s Bedford Bus and transformed it into a guest cabin for five. Located in The Coromandel of New Zealand, "Lady," as the bus is called by her owners, is filled with a combination of upcycled and recycled goods.
The bus is surrounded by bush, and bookabach states that "Lady" is one and one-quarter miles (2 km) to the sea. Tony and Rebecca like to refer to any time spent in their bus as a glamping experience. Since "Lady" is able to sleep five comfortably, an entire family can spend time in this remote area. Airbnb does point out that getting into this king bed would be a challenge for people who have mobility difficulties, but the beautiful stained glass window might just be worth the challenge.
A unique collection of furniture gives "Lady" a true gypsy feel. Add some bright colors, and her quirky side comes out. Beautiful stained glass is used in lights and as separating panels.
The double bed at the rear of the bus is easy to get in and out of. Oriental carpets on the floors are mixed with patchwork quilts and vintage furniture for an eclectic feel.
A sink is included inside the bus, but a bush shower and outdoor shower have to be used for regular bathing.
Although the bus itself does not have a kitchen, a camp kitchen is available for those who want to cook. The couple also has a pizza oven, and they provide the dough and sauce.
Getting away to the bush can be a little overwhelming if you've never done it before. Going the route of the River Gypsy allows you to taste the bush without being swallowed up by it. Spending some time in this bus would allow you to sample tiny living without having to fully commit, too. Maybe you really can have your pie and eat it.
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