Enter 'The Amazing House Truck'

Golden Bay Hideaway offers visitors to New Zealand a totally unique experience, spending a night in a renovated 1950s Commer Wagon. It has been dubbed the House Truck; and according to Golden Bay Hideaway's site, those who visit Wainui Bay, New Zealand, can spend some time in the House Truck or one of the company's other "eco-homes" relaxing and refocusing their lives.
Golden Bay was started in 2004 as a place for couples to get away from the stresses of everyday life and spend some time together focusing on their relationship. The House Truck is one of four different accommodations and is made of kauri and oak. It sits "in a private bush location" which the owners boast commands a "fantastic" view of the sea and surrounding mountains.
"The Amazing House Truck," as the owners call this tiny guest cottage on Airbnb, has the ability to comfortably house four people, and extra tents can be placed on the lot.
The interior is decorated with an eclectic collection of items and styles. Oak and kauri are used throughout the truck. Two couches provide plenty of space for sitting and talking in the evenings.
The table is situated at the end of one of the couches. Extra storage is under each couch.
"The Amazing House Truck" sleeps four, boasting two queen-sized beds. One bed is placed in a loft above the front door.
The second bed is behind the kitchen area, also in a loft. The kitchen has a mini refrigerator and a small cooker/oven, so meals can be prepared on site.
A beautiful, stained glass window sits at the head of one of the beds.
A second piece of stained glass is used to decorate the panel that separates the bedroom from the kitchen.
The loft bed above the kitchen has a great view of the entryway. A wood stove and an electric heater keep the truck warm during the cold spells.
The bedroom above the entryway door is separated from the rest of the cottage with only a curtain. The wood paneling throughout the truck makes the tiny space feel warm.
A composting toilet is included with the truck and, as the site advertises, a "luxurious outside bath." 
Those who have stayed agree that spending the night in the "Amazing House Truck" is "totally different from every other experience." Many plan to go back a second time. Spending some time under the stars must be truly relaxing.
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