Welcome to the Rustic Retreat, by Backcountry Containers

A simple 20-foot shipping container is transformed into the perfect cabin getaway with charming results. With sleeping spots for up to three guests, the cabin is a small but perfectly functional space to slip away to when the weather warms up. 
Built by Backcountry Containers, shipping container cabins are the perfect option for an affordable camping and hunting spot that offers a cozy stay and all of the amenities you require.
The exterior of the container features a custom built wooden patio, with a ladder that takes you up to a rooftop deck. This is a great way to end a day of fishing as you pop open a cold beverage and enjoy the lake view while the sun sets on the water. The cabin is also equipped with outside lights, sliding glass doors, and four windows to allow plenty of natural light inside. 
The inside of the cabin provides plenty of space for camping and relaxing. As you enter the container, you'll find a living/sleeping area that offers enough room for a regular or sectional sofa, as well as a coffee table and end tables. Guests can sleep on the sofa, or you could switch out the sectional for bunk beds or fold down beds and a smaller couch. There are a variety of possibilities for sleeping. 
White wooden panels line the walls and light wooden trim accents the interior, providing a rugged look. Hardwood floors complete the space and make it feel homey and comfortable. 
The kitchenette provides everything you need for a weekend stay. Neat and appealing, it features a dorm-sized refrigerator and a full sized sink. Solid wood countertops provide space to prep and plate meals, and custom built overhead shelves offer storage for cups, plates, and dry goods.  
A rolling cart holds small appliances, such as a toaster, and a cool magnetic board made of corrugated steel offers small spaces for spices or decorative touches. 
A farmhouse-inspired wooden door leads to the bathroom, which offers guests a full sized toilet, sink, and standing shower. Wall mounted rods and shelves provide spots to stash towels and necessary items. A window lets the light in and provides a beautiful view. 
This charming country cabin is outfitted with hot water and electricity, including multiple outlets for added convenience. The rustic interior combined with the cabin's efficiency and space saving qualities make it a perfect go-to for going away. 
Enjoy camping in a container for an experience way beyond sleeping in a tent! Stylish, shabby, and spacious, this cozy container is a fun way to experience the outdoors in style. 
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