City of Fresno's bold new regulation introduces exciting news for tiny home enthusiasts

Though the state was already named tiny home friendly in Ecobuilding Pulse, California residents may be seeing an even more widespread tiny home movement throughout the state.
What Are These Changes?
The City of Fresno introduced exciting news for tiny home enthusiasts and owners last fall that have now been in effect since early this year. In November 2015, a development code heavily influenced by the tiny home craze was enacted in Fresno. Code Section 15-2754 Second Dwelling Units, Backyard Cottages, and Accessory Living Quarters states that, “A Tiny House may be considered a Backyard Cottage if it meets all the requirements of [the Backyard Cottages] section.” The minimum measurements set for the various types of single family residences (also referred to as secondary dwelling units) are 6,000 square feet ( 5,000 square feet for corner lots) or more.
What Does This Mean for Tiny Home Owners in California?
According to KQED News’ Sasha Khokha, Ashley Swearengin—Fresno’s mayor— has been a supporter of tiny homes and with Fresno Council Member Esmeralda Soria, the code changes were made to accommodate Fresno’s tiny homes and was announced as, “a template that can be used by other cities and counties for permitting tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels.” This strongly suggests that more areas in California are considering modifying housing regulations or are expected to in the near future. 
What Does It Mean for Tiny Home Enthusiasts Throughout the Country?
Fresno’s bold step towards affordable and adorable housing also implies the beginning of a national movement and reform of tiny home regulations.
“We are the first city in the nation to actually write into its development code authorization for ‘tiny homes’,” said Swearengin.
The changes went into effect January 3, 2016, meaning residents are able to accessibly live in tiny homes right now. So if you live in California and have been thinking about making the switch to efficient tiny living, you have a great chance of experiencing it for yourself.
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