6 incredible space savers for book lovers

Book lovers who live in tiny homes often face a terrible dilemma: is it better to get rid of some of your beloved books, or keep them all and live in a cluttered disaster? Luckily, you don't actually have to choose! With a bit of effort, you can organize your reading material into a part of your home that makes you proud.
No matter where you live, you're almost guaranteed to have some wasted space in your home that could be turned into one of the best bookshelves you've ever seen. Try one of these clever ideas, and watch all your fellow book lovers turn green with envy!
1. Make the most of the space around your sofa
This beautiful custom bookshelf by the Mendelson Group is as stylish as it is functional. Plus, it makes sure that all your books are right where you need them!
2. A reading rainbow under the stairs
This genius use of wall space was thought up by a reader of Better After. She built it using nothing but plywood shelves and Ikea wall brackets, and the whole project cost less than $100!
3. Utilize your corner space
If there's a corner of your house that's not being used, this could be the perfect solution. Thanks to their minimal design, the shelves take up very little space, and you can layer them as shown above to get even more use out of them! They can be bought from Etsy seller The808.
4. Coffee table bookmobile

Everything about this bookshelf is awesome. It's cute, it can double as a coffee table, and thanks to the wheels on the bottom, you can roll it to wherever you please! It was originally seen on Country Living, but the lovely ladies at Small Town Craft Fair can teach you how to make it yourself.
5. Seating that doubles as book storage

This amazing "biblio-chaise" can hold up to 18 feet of books without taking up any more space than a typical armchair! You can make it yourself if you have a knack for carpentry; detailed instructions can be found on Instructables.
6. Invisible bookshelf
Sometimes, the best bookshelf for a small space might be no bookshelf at all. This mind-blowing DIY project from May December Home will make it look like your books are floating in mid-air against the wall. You can install it anywhere!
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