8 Ranch-style tiny homes, #4 is fantastic

The ranch house is an American classic that is experiencing a resurgence of popularity from new builders. Designed to minimize external decor and usually found as a long structure, the ranch house is perfect for informal and comfortable lifestyles.
You don't need to build big to capture that ranch-style spirit in your dwelling. There are hundreds of tiny homes comprised of the architectural details that make ranch homes so popular. Here's a selection of ranch-style tiny homes to peruse;
1. Traditional ranch house from Houseplans
This customizable ranch home measures 840 square feet (78 square meters) and is well-suited to a family. Two bedrooms, each with built-in storage options are spacious and divided by a shared bathroom. The informal open plan living, dining and kitchen area opens onto a covered porch for sunny days. If extra storage is required, the two car garage is big enough for shelves, cupboards and utilities.
2. Spacious two bedroom ranch from ePlans
A sweet ranch design for small families or empty nesters, this two bedroom design comes in at 900 square feet (84 square meters). It features a shared bathroom, accessible from the bedrooms and the open plan living area. The kitchen / diner leads into a utility closet and pantry, while the living room opens onto a covered porch perfect for extending the space during the summer. A single car garage adds extra storage space if needed.
3. Two-bedroom classic ranch cottage by Family Home Plans
A compact ranch property measuring in at 864 square feet (83 square meters), two bedrooms to fit double beds take up one-half of the house. The other side is dedicated to the open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, with a bathroom and separate laundry room to divide the home. Two entry points keep the front and back gardens accessible, with a porch to the front of the property for relaxing on warm, sunny evenings.
4. Two-bedroom contemporary ranch from Houseplans
At 624 square feet (58 square meters), this dinky ranch home is small but packs a mighty design punch, with contemporary twists to bring the architecture into the 21st century. Perfect for sloping plots, a large angular deck makes the most of the good weather days. Inside, two identical bedrooms are flanked by a large open-plan living, dining and kitchen area. There is even a small laundry room and a compact shared bathroom.
5. Country ranch-style property from Family Home Plans
This spacious property can be built on top of a basement, crawlspace or slab foundation. Measuring 946 square feet (88 square meters), it offers a great deal for a small family or a couple who entertains regularly, with two bedrooms. A comfortable living area opens onto a large porch, as does the nearby separate kitchen area. The dining area boasts a breakfast bar and the side portion of the property has a shared bathroom and utility closet. 
6. Two-bedroom square ranch from Houseplans
This tiny ranch style home comes in at 576 square feet (54 square meters) and includes a lot in its layout. Customizable, and built on a crawl space foundation, it has a large decking area and combined wood storage closet. The main rooms are all open-plan, with a utility closet between the kitchen and bathroom. The two double bedrooms have built-in closet space at the back of the property.
7. Two-bedroom ranch property from ePlans
At 800 square feet (74 square meters), this ranch property would ideally suit a couple or a small family. A front porch the width of the house leads into the living area, complete with a cosy fireplace. The kitchen and breakfast bar sit at the head of the living space and open out onto a screened porch. A central hall takes you to the bathroom, utility cupboard and both bedrooms, each with built-in storage.
8. Ranch house plan with turret porch by Family Home Plans
This ranch property has an unusual turreted front porch entrance, making it stand out on the street. Measuring 971 square feet (90 square meters), its very roomy with space for two double bedrooms. Ideal for empty nesters or a small family just starting out, the open-plan living area has beautiful bay windows and leads into a dining, breakfast bar and kitchen space. Storage is built-in to the rooms and there is a utility closet in the bathroom.
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