7 ideas to have all the clutter in your home efficiently organized under the bed

Clutter seems to creep into people's lives no matter how hard they try to keep it out. Stuff, in and of itself, is not bad; but when it takes over your house, it can become a problem. Having ways to keep the clutter organized keeps it from ruling your life. You can purchase products to help get organized, or come up with creative solutions of your own.
Often times bedrooms are most affected by the collection of stuff. Shoes, clothes and accessories soon begin to get out of control, and finding what you want to go with your outfit becomes impossible. The space under the bed is often wasted space. If you can find a way to capitalize on that space and use it to get organized, you are far ahead of most people. Below are seven great ideas for taming your bedroom clutter through under-bed storage systems.
1. Storage under a lofted bed, by Jessica Slaughter
Maximizing your space under your bed through a storage cube from Target and a 3-level rolling cart from Amazon turn the wasted space into a dresser and storage area.
2. Queen bed storage frame by Ultimate Bed
Lois and Bob from Anderson Manufacturing Company in Menominee, Mich. design beds that can contain "three large dressers under any mattress." By placing the dresser under the mattress, floor space is freed up for other essentials. This setup is also perfect for those living in tiny spaces, combining two products into one item.
3. Store your shoes away with this idea seen on Hative
As a child, lining shoes up under your bed was the thing to do, but you were limited to the length of the bed. With this wooden tray that glides in and out from under the bed, you are no longer limited by the length of the bed, and the shoes are easy to keep organized and to access.
4. Drawers with wheels, seen on Decorating your Small Space
If you need extra storage and you have a dresser you no longer use, you can place wheels on the bottom of the dresser drawers so that they slide easily in and out from under the bed. These become great under-bed storage at little cost.
5. Organize and indulge with this frame that allows you to have breakfast in bed, by BHG
If you have a daybed, placing  Thermafoil cabinets underneath it gives you extra storage space and a tray to place food on for breakfast or a midnight snack.
6. Turn an old shelf into the smartest under-the-bed storage, by DIY Fun Ideas
To obtain some extra storage under your bed, you can take an empty bookshelf and turn it on its back. Place some wheels on the "bottom" of it and some wheels for easy movement of the shelf in and out from under the bed. Painting the shelf can help dress it up. Add a couple of handles to make it easy to pull in and out.
7. Custom-made bed with storage by Always Rooney
Courtney made her own bed with extra storage underneath. To keep the space organized, she places baskets in the space so that everything stays in its place.
Each of these ideas puts the space beneath the bed to work for you. Goodbye, wasted space. Hello, organization!
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