Welcome to the House of Seven Rivers, a gorgeous housetruck

If you think that sleeping in the back of a truck could be the furthest thing from luxury, you might be wrong. Designers worked hard to bring luxury to the tiny camper they call The House of Seven Rivers. The design for this small living space is based on a rustic yacht, which makes its nickname "Land Yacht," on point. 
This camper-style living space, from Hinterland Campers, offers the convenience of being transported by a regular pickup truck. The 14-foot-by-8-foot main floor is big enough to provide comfortable living space, but small enough that a driver can easily navigate the roads. 
The outside of the structure features a curved roof with copper sheeting. In addition, designers paid extra attention to the bronze ring shank nails to ensure they were solid in all temperatures. The exterior of the home features heart redwood tongue and groove plants and 8 stained-glass-designed windows. 
The interior of the living space features aromatic cedar wood in the walls and ceiling. The floor is covered with oak . The curved ceiling required a lot of work from applying a curved jig, to bending roof rafters, and applying 7 layers of wood on each beam (alternating layers of white pine and redwood). 
The loft bed leaves room underneath for a small refrigerator and additional storage. 
Ample dining space and additional sleeping space fit at the other end of the camper. Designers even took the time to add built-in bookshelves on the wall. Pay special attention to the handmade, brass candleholders affixed to the walls for lighting. These add a touch of nautical without being too literal. 
How much do you love that this unique ceiling light took 11 days to make? The light is made from beveled tenon, granadilla wood, ornate brass and stained glass. This camper also features stained glass lighting above the sink and an antique masthead light. 
Washing dishes has never felt so luxurious! This solid brass sink was hand-made in Argentina. It's offset by a gorgeous, countertop that's truly one of a kind. Plenty of storage space is provided underneath the sink and in drawers. 
Residents of this portable home stay warm and cozy thanks to this cast iron ship stove. The windows in the door provide a comforting glow to accompany the heat. This rustic wonder keeps the small living space plenty warm. The stove uses wood or coal. 
Now this is camping! Would you like to stay in this camper for a weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 
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