7 furniture hacks for people who have tiny closets and lots of clothes

Living in a tiny space doesn't have to mean giving up everything you own. Many of us are faced with the dilemma of choosing between the clothes we love and a clutter-free bedroom, but it doesn't have to be that way! No matter how small your closet or how big your wardrobe, there's probably a solution you'll love. 
You might still want to toss that sweater you haven't worn in four years, but you don't need to get rid of everything. These 7 clever ideas will show you how to maximize your space, let you keep the things you love, and make sure you never feel like you have nothing to wear!
1. Two-in-one bed and closet
This innovative, space-saving bed by Dielle has an entire closet hidden underneath. It's beautiful, functional, and can give you the luxury of a walk-in closet no matter how tiny your home is.
2. Ladder wardrobe
This easy-to-build wardrobe ladder designed by Geneva Vanderzei of the blog a pair & a spare is absolutely genius. Tuck it away in the corner of your room, and you'll have a ton of extra space to hang your clothes as well as handy shelves for shoes, bags, or folded jeans.
3. Hanging coat rack
This DIY hanging rack by House & Home is unbelievably simple to make yourself, and you can hang it anywhere! It would work just as well in your entryway as it would in your bedroom, and it's so inexpensive to make that you might as well have more than one.
4. A faux headboard
If you have lots of pretty clothes in interesting colors and patterns, you should consider turning them into a headboard like Siw Haveland of Design Shimmer demonstrates on Holly Becker's blog decor8. It's a great way to add a pop of color to your room!
5. Floor-to-ceiling curtain
If you want to hang your clothes but keep them hidden, a floor-to-ceiling curtain is an inexpensive solution. As suggested on Domino, the space can even be used as a dressing room!
6. Storage under the bed
Jessie of DIY Fun Ideas demonstrates a fun way to use unused bookshelves: create some extra storage under your bed! To make a convenient drawer like this one, all you need is an old bookshelf, wheels, handles, and some pretty paint.
7. Laundry 'pantry'
If you have a ton of clothes, you need a better laundry system than a single hamper that takes up half of your tiny closet. Keep your dirty clothes organized with this clever cabinet seen on Living Solutions; it'll free up space in your bedroom and make your life easy when laundry day comes around!
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