This tiny lake house is one of a kind: check out the renovated interior

When the sister of interior designer Gina McMurtrey asked her to help with a lake house renovation, she was more than happy to lend her expertise. The tiny A-frame home of only 715 square feet was sure to be a challenge - but already brimming with character; the sisters knew it had tons of potential.
Although this would be a primary residence, Gina and her sister wanted the end result to feel like a luxury vacation rental - a place to relax after a long summer day at the lake. They installed resilient but stylish vinyl floors throughout, water resistant area rugs, and plenty of creative storage. Take a look at the finished home below!
The main living area includes a living room and long and narrow kitchen. Framed swimsuits function as art above the sofa, which is actually a sleeper sofa that can be pulled out for visitors.
In the kitchen, the counter top wraps around the wall to form a bar area. This serves as the dining space and eliminates the need for a big and bulky table.
A storage area by the front door serves as a landing space for coats, purses, and shoes. The shelves are cleverly built-in to the wall so as not to waste any precious floor space.
Despite its small size, the kitchen is bright and cheery with plenty of creative storage. Open shelving instead of upper cabinets helps the space feel open.
Upstairs is the master bedroom and storage loft. The A-frame roof creates a unique shape to the bedroom walls that adds plenty of character. Wall sconces in the place of table top lamps are a great way to save on precious space.
The bedroom includes a sliding glass door with access to an upper balcony with beautiful lake views. Crisp white walls keep the space nice and bright.
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