Turn the beautiful Hope Cottage with us

When you think of a cottage setting, your mind instantly drifts to a cozy setting where you can spend quality time with friends and loved ones. The Hope Cottage from Elite Cottages definitely captures that aura. Their big thing is keeping you warm, not only in the company you hold but with the cottage itself. A log-burning stove and underfloor heating make this the perfect retreat for a romantic winter getaway.
The exterior of this Elite Cottages design really doesn't do the interior justice. Step inside to see the gems that are hidden within.
One of the first things that comes to mind when stepping into the interior is, “wow, I wasn't expecting that.” The inside of the Hope Cottage has a very rustic feel, especially with the prominent structural beam running throughout as well as the elegant brick surround for the log burner.
A closer look shows how the stove and brick surrounds serve as the focal point of the living area. 
The kitchen, however, features a more modern look and it does so without appearing out of place within the décor. Black countertops contrast perfectly with white cabinets.
The master bedroom is situated directly off the dining area but it maintains its privacy and quaintness.
Once you know the elegance that lies inside, the exterior of this Elite Cottage layout takes on a whole new feel.
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