Copy the style of these 11 tiny home living rooms to make your own cozy oasis

You may not live in a tiny home, but you can still emulate the cozy style of small living. We've gathered 11 examples showcasing some of the many styles a tiny home can have, so you can feel inspired by their different approaches to décor and learn some of the tricks tiny house owners use to make their houses feel bigger, brighter and more organized.  
Check out these 11 tiny home living rooms for tips on how to create your own comfy space.
1.  Lily Duval's tiny home in New Zealand
A soft leather sofa and plenty of books are key features to making this tiny living room welcoming. Don't you just want to curl up with a good mystery novel and a cup of coffee? Even when square footage is limited, there's always room to utilize wall space for storage. 
2. A tiny cabin on wheels
Consider warm wood paneled walls to turn up the comfy factor in your own living room. This tiny cabin on wheels also features a rustic chandelier, a wood burning stove, and plenty of sofa cushions. Try mixing fabric patterns, like different types of plaids shown here, for an eclectic touch.
3. Tiny backyard guest house
This tiny living room uses industrial elements to keep the space feeling rustic and inviting. Adding greenery like the hanging fern adds freshness, and helps the room come alive. This look would be easy to duplicate in your own home.
4. Portable tiny house in the woods
Even though this living room is definitely tiny, it still has room for a home office area and a cute pup! Don't think you have to give up on function when working with a small room. The right floor plan can accommodate all your needs for the space, and keep it feeling tidy and cozy.
5. Shepherd hut home
If you're really short on space, multi-function furniture can be a life saver. This space uses a built-in bed that doubles as a sofa during the day. Using the same gray paint on the bed and the adjacent kitchen cabinets keeps the room feeling cohesive and comfortable.
6. Rustic and tiny loft living room
To recreate this eclectic and relaxed living room, focus on rustic accessories. Try using reclaimed wood, chalkboard art, and industrial light fixtures in your decor. The white paneled walls keep the room feeling fresh.
7. Efficient and tiny home in Colorado
This room is another example of how wood paneling can give you the rustic and warm look of a cozy cabin. Throw in a stylish throw rug and a couple of plants to complete your cozy retreat.
8. A tiny 1890's house in Finland
When working with a small space, it's important to keep items organized to avoid a cluttered and cramped room. This living room does just that by utilizing a whole wall for storage shelves, with books organized by color.
9. A tiny house built for flood victims
One way to make a small space feel bigger, is a simple color palette. This living room sticks to different shades of blue for a soothing effect. Keep it cozy with the use of numerous textiles like cushions, throw blankets, and rugs.
10. Open concept tiny house

Keep things super simple in a small living room with minimalist furniture and accessories. This open concept tiny house let's the reclaimed wood feature wall be the star, the rest of the room is tidy and understated.
11. Tiny and rustic house on wheels
Unfinished wood paneling not your thing? Fear not, a painted room can still be cozy. This living room uses almost all neutral colors for a relaxing effect. Remember to utilize space above doors for extra shelf storage.
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