17 creative uses of storage cubes that are spot-on for small homes

Tiny and small houses owners need to get creative about storage and space saving. Something that comes quite handy when it comes to facing such a challenge is the storage cubes shelving unit. Probably, one of the most famous models for these units is the Ikea one. However, there are other possibilities available out there, like the ones provided by Home Depot or Walmart. Whichever is the model you choose, these little cubes are very affordable and awesome when it comes to keeping your small space organized and tidy and also allow you to display your belongings in style.
Let's take a look at some of the creative and useful things you can make out of storage cubes: 
1. People leaving in small spaces also have the right to craft! Create a storage/workshop table combining 3 Ikea Kallax shelves. 
2. Create a storage bench. These are actually fantastic for tiny homes. In the idea below, they've chosen colorful pillows as the covers of the storage cubes, and one must admit it looks great. 
3. Parents living with babies in a small or a tiny home must get really creative with the use of the space. An option is to create a changing table with storage.
4. Tiny homes may not come with a built-in closet. An alternative is to turn the storage cubes into one. 
5. Create a reading corner with plenty of storage for toys or any other items with an Ikea Kallax shelf. 
6. Basically, instead of just using it as a regular shelf, use an Ikea Expedit as a media stand. 
7. Small houses owners also have pets! This storage cubes tower takes up much less space than a cat tree. 
8. Organize a small bedroom once and for all adding storage cubes to a closet. 
9. Another great idea to turn a bookcase into the most functional changing table with storage. 
10. Laundry room storage. Easy, fast and very useful.
11. Use the storage cubes to create storage units and divide the space in small bedrooms. 
12. Organize your bathroom with style with some towel bars and cubic baskets. 
13. Create a desk with plenty of storage. You could also create a dining table following a very similar process. 
14. Create a platform for an awesome looking under-the-bed storage.
15. Create a railing with storage for your tiny home loft bedroom. 
16. Create two rooms in one with a storage cubes shelf.
17. Boast the most beautifully organized closet with this storage cubes for shoes. 
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