17 absolutely gorgeous tiny home décor inspiration ideas

Living in a tiny home doesn't mean not having to think about how to decorate it. Actually, it's even more difficult to decorate a tiny home than a regular size one since the space limitations don't always let you get that couch you love or the modern style you're so much into simply doesn't go well with the size of your home. 
This selection of decoration inspiration ideas will help you select the style that fits best your tiny wonder. 
1. Get shabby chic with Lands End. 
Don't you love the vintage looking furniture or the lamps made out of mason jars? 
2. Add a green touch, like in this beautiful kitchen that also hides a bed underneath. 
3. A boho style, like the one dominating the Thompsons transformed bus, is always a nice idea.  
Do you notice the reading nook over the bed? 
4. This Park model house combines rustic and modern to perfection. 
5. Liberation Tiny Homes has added a very fun 70's vibe to this model. 
6. Creative Cottages LLC. simply nailed it with the Oceanside Retreat décor. 
From the white ceiling beams to the stone fireplace and the color touch added by the chairs, what's not to love about this tiny cottage? 
7. A clean, modern design gives a more airy sensation to any space. 
8. The Craftsman MiniMe listed in AirBnB combines modern, rustic and beach style, creating an ample and very comfortable looking atmosphere. 
9. This another AirBnB listing goes much more baroque, but thanks to the dominating white the decoration is perfectly balanced. 
10. Tiny Heirloom's vintage model is ample and elegant, adding the color touches exactly where they're needed. 
11. The rustic vibe of this Log Home tiny cabin may not be for everyone, but one must admit that it couldn't feel more authentic than this, right? 
12. Arched cabins go rustic too, but the touches added by the modern sofa or the wrought iron stairs rail give it a more eclectic vibe. 
13. Tiny House Giant Journey shares the colorful, bohemian style of the "Lucky Penny," a vardo style tiny home. 
14. My empty nest opted for a very traditional home look. You go inside this tiny abode and you instantly feel like you're at home. 
15. DIY House Building prefers a more bohemian decoration but making sure not to clutter the tiny space. 
16. Ms. Gipsy Soul, on the other hand, chooses the funky, African style added by the perfectly placed touches of color and the African artwork. 
17. The Little House in The Little Rock combines tradition and modernity with a beautiful brick fireplace and beautiful touches of color added by carefully placed decoration items such as the pillows, the throw blanket or the photo frame. 
Which one was your favorite style? Isn't it difficult to choose? Please, SHARE these ideas with any of your friends in need of a little bit of inspiration! 
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