With an attached hot tub this tiny house sacrifices nothingĀ 

There's a common misconception that states living in a tiny home means sacrifice. Most owners of these properties will tell you though that they have all the amenities they need – granted some due to their creative engineering. This luxury glamper shows that even owning a hot tub isn't out of the realm of possibilities with a tiny home. 
The idea of an attached hot tub to a tiny home could be considered an eyesore until you see how Tinywood Homes pulled it off. The tub blends in nicely and looks like a legitimate part of the home but it's far from the only spectacular feature in this design.
The earthy tones of the wood interior are made literally warmer with the focal heat stove. 
With a hot tub only steps away there's not a whole lot of need for living room space. Still this Luxury Glamper features a comfortable great room that could be used for a variety of functions. The shower door off the great room may not be for everybody but it is a unique layout.
The main loft features comfortable relaxing with wood paneling and perfectly situated accent lighting. There are different variations of the main loft available depending on the custom layouts that are chosen.
The secondary loft is for really cramming them in after a successful hot tub party results in some emergency sleepover guests. The vaulted ceilings do offer room for comfortable navigating even after the sleeping bodies are piling up.
The manufacturer of the Luxury Glamper, Tinywood Homes, features a full customized design so that more or less space can be allotted for the bathroom depending on your needs. In this instance, bathroom space is kept to a minimum to have a more comfortable living and kitchen area.
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