Walk inside this classic tiny home: The interior decor is beautiful

Ottawa, Ill., decided to join the tiny home group and built a tiny home community in Heritage Harbor. According to the Chicago Tribune, the community consists of single-family homes, condos and vacation homes that are nestled in the harbor, an access point for Lake Michigan. The homes come fully furnished and ready to move in.
The tiny home featured below is the last of the Heritage Harbor Ottawa Resort homes to be built. The Tribune points out that each home has a seaside cottage theme for the exterior color, and many use nautical themes inside for decorating. Designers tried to make the spaces comfortable for both those who use the homes for vacation rentals and those who would become full-time residents.
The cozy sitting area is decorated in an ocean blue with greens for an accent color. The couch makes a great place to curl up in the evening or on a lazy day.
The corner table is perfect for a "table for two." Extra seats can be added around it if needed.
Continuing the seaside theme, cranes, fishnets and hanging fish add to the decor. The blue with the crisp, white trim add a cheerful, yet calming, atmosphere to the space.
The kitchen is part of the open floor plan on the main floor. A full-sized  refrigerator allows those on vacation to feed a large group. A place for a stove is provided, and a stainless steel sink is installed. The kitchen also sports a microwave and dishwasher. To get to the reading loft, a ladder runs up the wall.
The master bedroom is spacious and uses soothing, cool colors. Large windows allow in plenty of natural light, keeping the space nice and bright.
Behind the kitchen and below the reading loft is the master bedroom. The reading loft is whimsically decorated with nautical accouterments and makes a great place for kids to play, read or hang out. This space can also be used as a guest room if the buyers so desire.
According to Estately, this Heritage Harbor home sits on 714 square feet and has access to the marina and restaurant that are part of the community. At 554 square feet, this tiny getaway, with its soothing colors and beautiful location on the harbor, promises refuge for those who need a respite from the storms of life.
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